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hello fellow bloggers…. November 17, 2008

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okay world…. this is my first blog, and i’m just hoping for the best….. so please feel free to leave any constructive critism…

first – about jacki and jaimeson….  we are a mother/daughter team that works together and plays together.  not only are we business partners, we are best friends (and i’m not saying this because we are business partners, i am saying it because it is true)!  we LOVE everything about weddings…. that’s our business.  we plan some of the best weddings in the bluegrass (www.jackiallen.com), we publish the Kentucky Bride magazine (www.kentuckybridemagazine.com) and produce the Kentucky Bride Bridal Shows (www.kybride.com).  and if that’s not enough, we also love to throw the best parties (corporate, anniversaries, birthday, and grand openings) in town…. themed parties to be specific.  you tell me something you like: a phrase, a painting, an object, a location…. and we can plan a whole event or wedding around it…. i’m serious – from invites to the after party and everything inbetween.

second – we are about our community…. not only are we members of a national organization, Association of Bridal Consultants (www.bridalassn.com) BUT jacki founded the Kentucky Bride Association!  How amazing is that?  jacki believes in a sense of community and working as a team – her motto is “coopetition not competition”.  these are mainly networking meeting where wedding professionals from all over central kentucky can come together – meet and greet – build new relationships – learn about wedding trends – stay abreast on the latest bride stats – and so much more…..

third – as you can see, we do alot….. but if i continue to discuss more on this first blog, i’m afraid you won’t come back…. and we want you to come back…. so finally, what this blog is about: to show off what we do – to bring you new trends – to spotlight vendors in the bluegrass (we have the best!) – and to just chit-chat about weddings!

thanks for reading and hope you come back soon…..

kindly – jaimeson


One Response to “hello fellow bloggers….”

  1. zoe858 Says:

    I love this place…Keep blogging 🙂

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