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Assciation of Bridal Consultants November 19, 2008

Since we are still so new to the blogging world, there are so many things that I want to write about….. our company, our clients, our favorite things, new finds, and so much more.

but first, let us tell you about a wonderful organization the we are members of: Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC).  this is an international organization that brings wedding planners and vendors together. this organization provides continuous education, international networking, a code of ethics that each member must follow, and best of all…. conferences and meetings to get to know your peers.

ABC has had two wonderful events in the last month that we were able to attend.  The first, was their national conference “Business of Brides”.  The conference was held in Newport, California (yes, it was beautiful, but we were too busy learning and networking to enjoy).  during the conference, we were able meet some wonderful planners, enjoy classes that pertain to our industry specifically and bring home some useful information.  Once of the higlights of the Conference is the Miss Dorothy Heart Award (please read more about the Miss Dorothy Heart Award here:  www.bridalassn.com.  Miss Dorothy is an inspiration to us all.  Colin Cowie www.colincowie.com (our main speaker for the conference) and Miss Dorothy new each other well and he respected what she was doing for wedding professionals and ABC.  SO….. he offered internships to help raise money for the Miss Dorothy Scholarship Fund!  This was my (jaimeson) personal highlight of the weekend…. I GOT AN INTERNSHIP WITH COLIN COWIE and was able to DONATE to the MISS DOROTHY fund all at the same time!  What an amazing opportunity!  I still can’t believe it  – but believe me, I will keep you posted on the logistics and write items as they come up.  Here is Colin and I after one of our interviews together:

colin cowie and jaimeson

so…… as you can see, it was a FABULOUS conference!

the second great meeting we had with ABC this month was actually just yesterday.  This was a regular ABC – Kentucky Chapter meeting.  Ellen Fox, with ShaFox Events, hosted the event at the very UNIQUE 21c Hotel (www.21cmuseumhotel.com) in Louisville, KY.  If you haven’t visited the hotel, which is also a gallery for many artist, then you should.  I will go ahead and put a disclaimer here:  when visiting 21c, you must keep your mind open and sometimes your eyes shut, as there is nudity, all in the name of art).  But, if you can get past that, then this is a very unique and modern hotel that is used for many events (including weddings and rehersal dinners). 

stay posted as we will be discussing lots of exciting companies, trends, and news withing the next few days and weeks.

kindly –

jacki and jaimeson


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