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summer wedding…… love celebrated November 25, 2008

since we started this blog, we haven’t posted any of our weddings from 2008.  even though we love all of our brides and all our weddings, we thought we’d give you a few shots from katie and zach’s wedding.  all photos that you see, were taken by jacki or our staff.  AND, all photos that you see will show you the details, design and coordination that we at – jacki, wedding planner –  can do for you!

please enjoy and let us know what you think……

photo one: the lovely ceremony location (we decided a semi-circle would be more intimate)


ceremony location

photo two: the aisle…. how beautiful and designed for the couple

unique aisle

photo three: beautiful sheppard hook details

lovely detail...

photo four: one of the centerpieces… three different vases and arrangements, but keeping the same flowers throughout and rocks included in all centerpieces

fabulous centerpiece

photo five: katie and zach wanted to bring the outside into the tent (and we wanted to cover those lovely poles), so we came up with idea of having trees incorporated…. just as if we were outside, but without the hot sun beating down on us.  in the trees, there were led lights that looked like candles, there were orchids and more…..

fabulous trees

photo six:  the fab trees at night under the stars… (the lights we brought in)

the fab trees at night

photo seven: katie and zach wanted a place for guests to go to relax and get away from the party, if they so choose.  we wanted it to still be outside, so we rented this very modern white leather furniture, then the MOB handmade the pillows that coordinated with the wedding colors.  (that’s me and the MOB on the far couch)

fabulous furniture

photo eight:  katie, the lovely bride, cooling off by the fan (yes, we think of everything) and did you notice the sheppard’s hook by the bride (yes, we reused those from the ceremony – talk about being “green” for your wedding)

lovely bride, katie

photo nine: the grand finale… for the newlyweds, the MOB wanted them to go out in style, hence the car and the fireworks (which were a surprise to the couple!)

fabulous fireworks

katie and zach…… love celebrated!



One Response to “summer wedding…… love celebrated”

  1. melanie Says:

    wow – i’m totally in love with the lounge area!! how fun 🙂 warmly, -melanie-

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