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hello 2009….. December 31, 2008

We are so excited that 2009 is here!!!!  (not that we didn’t have a fabulous 2008 – because we did!)

BUT…. jacki and I have decided that 2009 is the year of CHANGE!!! Not change in who we are, our values, or how we treat our clients, but CHANGE in the way we view ourselves and our company…..

Everyone always does a New Year’s Resolution, which is usually an reachable goal, and then if the goal is not reached, then one would look at themselves as having failed…. well, that is not what we want here at Kentucky Bride.  We decided NOT to set resolutions, but to think of small ways that we could grow and enhance ourselves that will show BIG impact.

for ashley, our fabulous office manager: she will be going back to school to get a second degree in graphic design.  we support ashley and have even given her a few projects to work on…. yea!

for jaimeson:  she will start thinking of herself not only as jacki’s daughter, but as jacki’s partner…. together this company will grow and be able to help brides across a vast spectrum!

for jacki: she will start thinking of herself as the fabulous wedding planner that she is, and not be so shy in talking about her accomplishments…. for example:  how many of you knew that she was on vh1’s My Fabulous Wedding?  how many of you knew that she has done a Rockett’s wedding?  how many of you knew that getmarried.com, the national tv show, has interviewed jacki and is partnering with the Kentucky Bride Magazine? and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

we are honored to be able to start this new chapter with ourselves and our company and we hope that you will stay posted and join in this fabulous experience with us!

celebrating our love and life…..



Merry Christmas….. December 23, 2008

Jacki and Jaimeson wishes everyone has a fabulous Christmas!  Some of the wonderful things we love about Christmas is the family getting together, hot chocolate, the spirit of giving, hearing “first” Christmas stories as husband and wife, and so much more.

We would also like to take this time and THANK each and everyone who has been a part of our business!  We are so thankful and blessed to have an amazing network of professionals that we get to work with on a daily basis. AND we are fortuneate enough to meet new businesses and professionals constantly…. we love getting to know you.

As 2008 comes to a close, we look back and are truly blessed for the year that we had.  Kentucky Bride Magazine was a success on it’s first issue…. the Kentucky Bride Bridal Shows were both amazing and then of course – we have the most fabulous brides a wedding planner could ask for…. and our 50th wedding couple (John and Bunny)…. what an inspiration!  Thank you all for the stories, laughs, tears (Mr. Miller so sweet) and excitement throughout the year…. we can’t wait for 2009!

love and life celebrated in 2008….



Kentucky Bride Bridal Show December 19, 2008

THE most fabulous bridal show in Central Kentucky is less than a month away…..

The Kentucky Bride Bridal Show is on Sunday, January 18th from Noon to 5pm.  Go to www.kybride.com to get a $2.00 off coupon for you and ALL of your guest!  How great is that?

If you’ve seen the below billboard, ad in Hamburg Journal and Kentucky Bride magazine, then you know this is THE show to attend!


Once you go the www.kybride.com website, you see fabulous pictures, get introduced to the fabulous wedding professionals that you will meet, and be able to print your $2.00 coupon. 

You will also be able to read the latest issue of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride magazine….. with the next issue debuting at the Jan 18th show.  Every registered bride will receive a FREE copy of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride magazine (retail $5.95).

Kentucky Bride Bridal Show will have fashion shows from Wedding Wonderland and others, two dance performances from Fred Astaire,  and two exercise exhibits from Jazzercise!  There will be Door Prizes valued at $75 or more given away every 30 minutes and then at 4:45pm the GRAND prizes will be drawn, which include a DJ for your reception from Phoenix Entertainment, Weekend getaway from LM Communications, Overnight stays from Hyatt, Ramada, and Hilton AND much more……

This is the ONLY show that you will need to attend…. the Kentucky Bride Bridal Show has the best wedding professionals to choose from.

we want to help you celebrate your love…



Winter Weddings….. December 12, 2008

Who doesn’t love the thought of a Winter White Wedding?  With the snow coming down in big, fluffly, white flakes; you being brought in by a white horse and drawn carriage with your white faux fur muff and jacket…. oh I can just picture it now…. 

Then, I walk outside and am reminded of why there aren’t as many weddings in the winter.  BBBUURRRRRRR!!!!

BUT, Winter Weddings can be just as beautiful and sometimes more cost efficient…. let me explain.

First, let’s start off with the obvious – you will be inside – which means that you don’t have to rent a tent and all that goes with it.  You will probably be in a country club or hotel.  The down side to this is your options available… first, you won’t get to include that beautiful Kentucky scenery and second, your catering is limited to the facility that you choose (I recommend a taste test before selecting venues).

The next cost saving category is the florals… The up side is that your church and facility will already be beautifully decorated for the season, which will save you alot of money, but the down side is that you may not like the flowers or arrangements that the facility is already decorated in.

The thrid fabulous thing about a winter wedding is that you pretty much have free reign on indoor locations for your reception and hotels for guests, for the most part.  Unless you’re getting married on Dec. 24th, 25th or 31st you’ve got options….. and what bride doesn’t like options?

If you would like more ideas or would love for your winter wedding to be FABULOUS, then just give us a call…. we’re full of ideas, connections, and the means to make your dreams come true!

love is to be celebrated….



la tavola linens December 9, 2008

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new linen company…. www.latavolalinen.com.  We were invited to thier open house in Beverly Hills, CA and since we were in town for the Association of Bridal Consultants annual conference, Mackenzie Spalding with One Fine Day, another fabulous planner and KY member, set up the limo and rsvp’s for us….. thanks so much Mackenzie!  la tavola is a stylish, classic, but with a twist linen company.  not only are they fabulous, they are eco friendly…. from the rich fabrics, to their fabulous van, and even to their cleaning machines…. truly amazing.  I have some photos below to showcase the lovely open house that we were fortunate enough to attend.  If you like what you see, or want to see more, just call us and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment and show you thier linens (their samples are HUGE compared to other companies). avg. rental cost is $40.00 per linen.

pic 1:  ky abc members that attended the la tavola open house…… aren’t we beautiful?



pic 2:  a lovely red and black option


pic 3: classic black and white (don’t you just love the centerpiece…)



well, there’s a few photos to get your wheels turning…. aren’t they fabulous?  just call jacki and jaimeson and we can make your event look just as fabulous….. it’s what we do!

kindly –



KBA at the Carrick House December 3, 2008

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Ashley Lundergan and Jamey Gumm of The Carrick House (www.thecarrickhouse.com) were gracious enough to host our last KBA (Kentucky Bride Association) meeting of 2008!  First, THANK YOU to Ashley and Jamey – everything was fabulous!  Next, just to refresh…. Jacki founded the Kentucky Bride Association about six years ago.  The KBA meetings are for wedding professionals to get together and chit-chat…. but we also like to discuss new trends, ethics, our lovely weddings and more….  Anyways, we love to visit facilities around town and learn all about what they can offer our brides.  So, for December we went to the beautiful, historic (but fabulously renovated) Carrick House.  The main dining area, the green house, the bridal suite, the groom’s area, all the way to the new “Wine” Room (with it’s tin ceiling I might add) were all so lovely.  You must see it to believe it!  We, jacki and jaimeson, LOVE unique features and finding places that are “different”.  Well, the Carrick House fits the bill…. from the history of the house to the hand painted mural to the tin ceiling, you will be surprised when you walk through the doors.  Below are a few photos….


on the left is the fabulous jacki – center is the lovely Jamey Gumm with the Carrick House – and on the right is the fabulous jaimeson


above:  this is a partial pic of what the HUGE bridal suite is like….. please go check them out!


above: okay, so we don’t have the best camera, but you can see from the photo how the “Wine” room is very modern, but still gives the “old world” feel to it with the brick exposed and the wonderful tin roof…..

so, our fabulous fave for this week is The Carrick House…. go check them out – even if just for your rehearsal dinner (the wine room can hold up to 40)

kindly –