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Winter Weddings….. December 12, 2008

Who doesn’t love the thought of a Winter White Wedding?  With the snow coming down in big, fluffly, white flakes; you being brought in by a white horse and drawn carriage with your white faux fur muff and jacket…. oh I can just picture it now…. 

Then, I walk outside and am reminded of why there aren’t as many weddings in the winter.  BBBUURRRRRRR!!!!

BUT, Winter Weddings can be just as beautiful and sometimes more cost efficient…. let me explain.

First, let’s start off with the obvious – you will be inside – which means that you don’t have to rent a tent and all that goes with it.  You will probably be in a country club or hotel.  The down side to this is your options available… first, you won’t get to include that beautiful Kentucky scenery and second, your catering is limited to the facility that you choose (I recommend a taste test before selecting venues).

The next cost saving category is the florals… The up side is that your church and facility will already be beautifully decorated for the season, which will save you alot of money, but the down side is that you may not like the flowers or arrangements that the facility is already decorated in.

The thrid fabulous thing about a winter wedding is that you pretty much have free reign on indoor locations for your reception and hotels for guests, for the most part.  Unless you’re getting married on Dec. 24th, 25th or 31st you’ve got options….. and what bride doesn’t like options?

If you would like more ideas or would love for your winter wedding to be FABULOUS, then just give us a call…. we’re full of ideas, connections, and the means to make your dreams come true!

love is to be celebrated….



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