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KBM….. behind the scenes January 21, 2009

Have you ever wondered… “How did they do that?”…. “What products are used?” …. “How many people does it take to put that together?”… or anything when it comes to a magazine spread?  Well, we at Kentucky Bride Magazine (KBM) would like to give you a “behind the scenes” look at one of our most recent photo shoots.

Jacki and I enlisted two fabulous professionals to help us bring to life “Bouquets for Every Season” in our Spring 2009 issue.  Ian Lozada, amazing photographer, AND E. Stephen Hein, amazing florist, were gracious enough to be a part of this flower supplement and show some amazing bouquets (see pages 54-57).

spring 2009 cover

BUT, Ian Lozada took it one step further and asked Jacki to film him doing what he does best…. photographing.  And Ian put all of this together and made a video of the photo shoot for everyone to see on his BLOG

Please visit both Ian Lozada and E. Stephen Hein to see some of their fabulous work and how they can help make your day look fabulous!

Also, if you have not received the latest issue of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine, please visit one of these locations:  online, Joseph-Beth, Barnes & Nobles, Bluegrass Bride, Wedding Wonderland, E. Stephen Hein Florist, Ian Lozada, Tinker’s Cake Shop, and many others.

enjoy viewing and reading KBM…..



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