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Passport Panties…. January 26, 2009

Picture finding yourself in one of these situations:

That time of the month has caught you by surprise. After a transatlantic flight, you discover that your luggage is missing.  You have a hot date for cocktails immediately following a hard day’s work.  The only thing that can save you?  Your passport.  Or at least that is what you’re friends will think…..

Disguised in a passport cover, Passport Panties (R) provide the freedom to travel, live and play with comfort, cleanliness, and confidence. It’s clever design sleekly fits into your handbag, your carry-on, your backpack, or even your pocket.  Passport Panties comes equipped with appropriate supplies for a variety of life’s destinations.  Each includes a stylish panty, a personal towlette, and a chic reuseable passport cover.  With a passport in hand, every woman ensures a safe arrival whether it’s to the bar, to biology class, or to Barcelona. 

(the above wording is from www.passportpanties.com word for word….. BUT below is from jaimeson…. enjoy)

So, how fabulous do these Passport Panties sound and look???

passport-panties-1    passport-panties-2

Well, not only are Passport Panties FABULOUS…. the owners (MMK BRAND) Morgan, Mary Kay and Kim are all from KENTUCKY (Western Kentucky to be exact)! 

Jacki and I think that every bride, bridesmaid and mother should have Passport Panties for the Wedding Day and beyond……  what a fabulous addition to your purse, emergency kit, car, and on and on and on…..

So, how do you get your fun and flirty pair of Passport Panties?  You can purchase online…. or visit the following retailers: AJ’s Casuals (Lexington) – Jean Marie (Murray) – My Favorite Things (Lexington) – Vintage Rose (Murray) – Werner-Lowe LTD (Bowling Green).

Let us know what you think of your Passport Panties…..

happy shopping…..  (p.s. they are having a 50% Valentine’s Day Sale until 2.1.09)



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