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Taboo Topics…. week one January 31, 2009

In the Spring 09 Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine, we wrote a “risque” article about Taboo Topics (pages 46-49).  Ever wanted to ask that “uncomfortable” question about money – religion – sex…. Well, Jacki has written an article that has questions, ideas and ways to bring up the “talk”…..

We will be “spotlighting” one taboo topic a week (every friday) for nine weeks!  So here goes….

To begin…. here is a fabulous tip from Jacki: “Schedule a date with your fiance’ for just the two of you in a romantic, casual setting with candles, soft music and bite size food to feed each other and discuss the following questions while you’re both relaxed.”

TABOO TOPIC ONE…. General Questions.

1. What is your fiance”s favorite non-alcoholic drink?

2. What is your fiance”s favorite TV show? Least favorite?

3. What concert would your fiance’ pay any amount of money to go see?

4. If your fiance’ were able to change one thing about themselves, what would it be?

5. How does your fiance’ like to celebrate special occasions?

6. Toilet seat up or down? (and how do you feel about that?)

7. Aisle or window seat?

8. Does your fiance’ prefer to drive or ride?

9. Dog or cat?

10. Half full or Half empty?

11. Name a reality TV show that best describes your relationship.

Now, you may think this first topic is not very Taboo…. BUT let’s be honest… how many of us have actually asked these questions to get the answers or just “assume” the answers because you know your fiance’ so well.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers…. just your answers…. the goal of the questions is to get to know your fiance’.

We’d love to hear your comments on this article.  Share with us how you approached the topics and any suggestions you might have for other brides.  Post your comments here or send to jacki@jackiallen.com and put “Taboo Topics” in the subject line.

celebrate your love….



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