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UK MAT Talk Tonight February 4, 2009

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Jaimeson has the honor of speaking in front ofUniversity of Kentucky students with the major of Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles (MAT)!  These fabulous fashion students will be meeting at Bluegrass Bride for a few of us “wedding experts” to discuss some trends, tips and how weddings and fashion are all relate-able…

For example – Susan Johnson, with Bluegrass Bride, will be discussing how wedding dresses can influence everyday fashion and vice versa….. (unique fact: in most fashion runway shows, the designer will usually put their version of a wedding dress into their collection).  Ana Crane-Simpson, with Applied Cosmetic Services, will be discussing make-up trends and how to accentuate your dress.  Jaimeson Gann, with Jacki wedding planner, will be discussing how much influence the wedding dress has on your decor and other aspects of your wedding….

PLUS…. all the lovely ladies will be receiving a fabulous goodie bag from Jacki and I….

will give a recap tomorrow….



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