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Taboo Topics…. week two February 6, 2009

Ladies – I hope you were able to get through the first week of TABOO TOPICS with no trouble… as these were “starter” questions.

This week – we will discuss GOALS….. we all have them, need them and want to achieve them…. but what if our goals are different than our partners? is there room for compromise? how do you combine goals?  can you both achieve your personal goals while still mainting your marriage goals?  below are some questions that will get you started…


1. What goals do you have for your marriage?

2. What life goals do each of you have?

3. What are your career goals?

4. What happens if one of you gets a job offer 600 miles away?

5. What values are central to each of your lives?

6. What are you hoping this marriage will bring?

7. How will you divide the time between family and career?

8. Do you want to have a family?

9. Choose one word to describe your current lifestyle.

10. Choose one word to describe what you want your married lifestyle to be.

Taboo Topic Tip:  Always – Always be honest with yourself and your partner…. for example – don’t say to your partner “I’ll follow you anywhere, even the job that moves across the country” – if you won’t really go! It’s easy to say you’ll follow your spouse if you don’t ever think that option will come up…. BUT… what if it does?  Can you really move away from your family and friends to start all over? what if it’s 10 years down the road and you now have children in school – will you still follow?  Just remember to be Honest!

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please leave your comments or feel free to email us anytime to jaime@jackiallen.com with Taboo Topics as the subject

celebrate your love…..



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