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Taboo Topics…. week three February 13, 2009

This week – the questions get more interesting…. (not juicier – that’s next week when we discuss “Sex Ed”)… but this week, we will be asking questions about our IN-LAWS, FAMILY and FRIENDS!  Can you handle it?  We’ll find out….


1. Where do they fit in the scheme of your marriage?

2. How much time will you spend with your friends?

3. What will you do about friends that your fiance’ dislikes?

4. How improtant is it to you to have boys’ nights and girls’ nights?

5. Are there boundaries on how much you want your fiance’ confiding in their friends? Are any topics OFF limits?

6. What is the role of your family in your relationship?

7. What is the role of your family in the upbringing of your children?

8. Where will you spend holidays and with which family?

9. Will you have alone time?

10. How do you want to spend time together?

Only TEN questions – not too bad…. but this talk could turn bad quickly…. so I want to give some “jaimeson” tips (a little different from “jacki” tips).

Jaimeson Tips:

* DO NOT discuss this topic this weekend – it is Valentine’s Day, and no need to spoil it.

* Don’t say, “Honey, tonight let’s talk about our families…” these words could make him/her think that you are going to talk about their family (not both families) and not talk in a good way!  Suggestion: Just bring up a question here and there – test the waters so to speak….

* BUT – these questions all need to be talked about and discussed.  If you notice hesitation now, imagine how it’s going to be when you have different thoughts on where to spend the holiday OR when you have kids and he/she still wants to go out EVERY weekend…. etc. etc. etc.

* Definately talk about what is OFF limits… you may not want to run to your parents every time that the two of you get into an argument because you may get over the dispute alot quicker than your Mom…. and then it would start to get ackward – OR no need to discuss your “private” nights with friends…

Good luck with this topic…. when you get finished discussing these questions openly and honestly, you will be that much happier in your relationship and know boundaries for your family and in-laws.

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please leave your comments or feel free to email us anytime to jaime@jackiallen.com with Taboo Topics as the subject

celebrate your love…..



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