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Taboo Topics … week four February 20, 2009

Okay ladies (and gents)…. last week was all about the FAMILY…..

this week, it’s all about …. dare I say it …. SEX! (gasp!)

Now, while of some of you might be having your cheeks turn red and others can’t wait to read this section…. let me put in a small disclaimer: “We have only put a few questions down, as this is an intimate and personal discussion between you and your fiance’…. we are just giving a starting point.  AND – we are not saying that you are currently being intimate, but you will be intimate in marriage.”

Now that that’s out of the way…. let’s get to it!!!!!


1. Who would your fiance’ say is more romantic between the two of you?

2. If there comes a day when there isn’t enough of it (we know, it probably won’t happen to you, but just in case), how will you deal with it?

3. What if sex becomes boring? How will you talk about it? What can you do to keep your sex life spicy?

4. How do each of you feel about birth control?

5. How do you classify cheating?

6. What is one of your fantasies?

Again, this is just a starting point…..  to read the full article please visit…. jacki allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine online  OR you can purchase your copy from Joseph-Beth, Barnes & Noles, Bluegrass Bride, Wedding Wonderland, and many more….

please leave your comments or feel free to email us anytime to jaime@jackiallen.com with Taboo Topics as the subject

celebrate your love…..



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