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The Kissing Tree February 24, 2009

While catching up on my daily reading of fabulous blogs…. I came across this fun “kissing tree” from Elizabeth Messina’s new blog…. Kiss the Groom.

Not only will you see some of Elizabeth’s FABULOUS photography…. you get to read all about “kisses” – my fave.

Obviously, being in the wedding business, I am a natural romantic, so this new blog has my toes curling, butterflies in my stomach and cheeks rosey in anticipation of reading all about “first kisses” – “kiss and tell” – “little kisses”…… love it!

below is my KISSING TREE – how sweet!


so, please visit The Kissing Tree to get your own! 

since we are such the romantics…. please leave us your “first kiss” story – we’d love to hear them…. i’ll start with mine:

“Heath and I met on a blind date (yes, it’s true – sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself) and instantly hit it off!  We both loved family, college football and good food….. we had plenty to talk about on that first lunch date.  The next week, we went to the UK – Arkansas football game that had 9 (yes, NINE) overtimes….. from that game on, I knew there was something special between us… but I was scared!  This was too much emotion, too quick.  We were together constantly for the next three weeks (yes, four weeks of dating with no kissing… but remember, i was scared) THEN, one night in my townhouse, it happened…. our first kiss!  And let me tell you – it was AMAZING…. my left leg literally lifted (just like in the movies)… I couldn’t have written the script any better myself!  After our first kiss, we were in LOVE and I had no chance…. the sparks flew and haven’t burned out yet!” …..jaimeson


celebrate your love….



3 Responses to “The Kissing Tree”

  1. Stefani Says:

    So funny that today I came to visit the blog and you ask about first kisses. This past week I was delighted to hear from my jr high boyfriend on facebook, Bobby.. my first kiss!! He didn’t know then that he was my first kiss, but he knows now LOL. It was on a school trip to a state park. We were both so nervous…
    we were only 14!!

  2. Ashley Says:

    My first kiss with my husband, Grant, was the day after we started dating. He asked if he could kiss me the day we started dating, but I was nervous and said no. (I kind of hurt his feelings I found out!) But our first kiss was worth the day-wait. It was sweet, and filled with 6 years of waiting for each other through bad-exes and separation after high school. I’m thrilled he will be the one I kiss for the rest of my life. 🙂

  3. i met elizabeth last week – she’s incredible and this site of hers couldn’t be more darling! warmly, -melanie-

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