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Fabulous Groomsmen Gift… March 31, 2009

How many of you are sick of giving the same ol’ groomsmen gifts?  the infamous flask … the tried and true personalized money clip … etc.

And, I’m sure that some of you have thought about getting nice cuff links for your gents …. BUT – have you thought about getting them cuff links that they will actually wear?  what about these …





















 and last but not least … for the gent who is always nervous …








 all of these fabulous cuff links can be found at www.cufflinks.com and prices range from $50 – $150 (for the pair).

i had a blast looking at all the options … hope you enjoy!

celebrate your life …



Facebook and the such…. March 28, 2009

Most, if not all of you that follow this blog are most likely members of Facebook!  We would love to be your friend on facebook…. we have three pages – Kentucky Bride Ltd – Jacki Allen – Jaimeson Gann … come check us out!

The same individuals that are members of Facebook, probably also use twitter.  I’ll be honest with you – Jacki and I are not sure about the whole “twitter” phenomenon …. so we would like to hear what you think….

* How many of you “twitter” yourself?

* How many of you follow other “twitters”?

* Would you be interested in following Jacki and I?

* How often would you like to hear from us on “twitter”? once a day – twice a day – more, etc.


Jacki and I want to make sure that we are offering YOU (wheather you are a bride, mother of a bride, other wedding professional, or just anyone who LOVES weddings) the best of the best …. which we’ve tried to do through jacki, wedding planner Kentucky Bride Magazine Kentucky Bride Bridal Show and our blog….

so please leave your comments here or contact me directly at jaime@jackiallen.com …. we’d love to hear from you!

celebrate your life …



Taboo Topics … Week Nine March 27, 2009

This is the last week and we have saved the most taboo topic for the end! Why not go out with a bang?  As mentioned in last week’s post … we will be discussing RELIGION!  No matter what “everyone” says …. please discuss religion. Even if this topic is hard for you to bring up, this is a subject that plays an important role to some and a not-so-important to others – either way, your future spouse should know where you stand on this topic. 

Without further ado…..


1. Do you believe in God?  Heaven and hell?

2. How large of a role does religion play in your life?  Do you attend religious ceremonies regularly?   

3. Does your partner understand your beliefs?

4. Do you respect each others beliefs?

5. Do you expect your fiance’ to convert to your religion?

6. Will you be disappointing anyone if you change your religious practices?

7. Do you think religion should be practiced as a family or as an individual?

8. If you have children, will you raise them religiously? In which faith?

9. Are your families going to respect your religious decisions?

10. How do you feel about circumcision?

YOU HAVE MADE IT!  The taboo topics are over! No matter how hard these last nine weeks have been…we hope you feel that you know your fiance’ better than ever. These are very difficult questions that we have asked you to bring up but we feel that these questions over the past nine weeks will bring you closer as a couple. These are topics that are not easily brought up and we commend you for doing this. We wish you and your fiance’ nothing but the best and hope the Taboo Topics were helpful (and not to “taboo”)!

And remember, to read the full article, please pick up your copy of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine online – at Joseph-Beth – at Barnes & Nobles – at Wedding Wonderland – at Bluegrass Bride and many other fabulous wedding professionals throughout central Kentucky.

Celebrate your love (and the fact that you know your fiance’ better than you did 9 weeks ago!) ….



Don’t forget the TIP … March 26, 2009

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As the wedding season is approaching fast, and you are making the endless last minute purchases and final payments on your contracts, we just want to make sure that you remember your tips in your budget…

Now, some of you will automatically say, “I signed a contract and that’s what they are getting paid – no tips” and others will say, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize that tipping on weddings was customary”.  Well, we (at jacki, wedding planner) feel that tipping certain members of your wedding team is customary and warranted. 

Please take the following information as suggestions….

WHO – Hair/make up artist day of

HOW MUCH – 15 – 20% (depending on if they come to your location)

DIST BY – Wedding Planner (if you don’t have a wedding planner, I would recommend you ask one person to be responsible for distributing your “appreciation”)


WHO – Musicians for ceremony

HOW MUCH – 10% of fee

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Musicians/DJ for reception

HOW MUCH – $25 – $50 per member

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Wait Staff and Bartenders for your event

HOW MUCH – $20 per person (FYI – we recommend that you check with your caterer/venue to double check the “18% service fee” that is on your contract – this is NOT always given to the wait staff as a tip and simply just an added fee – so you will want to make sure that your servers are taken care of)

DIST BY – Wedding Planner will give all envelopes to Head Chef or Maitre de at end of evening


WHO – Head Chef or Maitre de

HOW MUCH – Flat Fee …. we recommend $100 or more

DIST BY – Wedding Planner at end of evening


WHO – Limousine or Specialty Vehicle

HOW MUCH – 15-20% of total bill

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Parking atendants for Valet Parking

HOW MUCH – $1.50 – $2.00 per car

DIST BY – Wedding Planner at end of evening




* Have all Tips in seperate envelopes that are clearly marked with which vendor they go to.

* Have ONE person responsible for distributing all of your tips…. (i.e. wedding planner, maid of honor, someone that needs a “job” for your wedding because you can’t leave them out, etc.)

* Have all Tips and Envelopes ready at least THREE DAYS before your wedding … we recommend a minimum of three days because this is when your out of town guest start to arrive – you start “stressing” over every little detail (unless you have a planner!) – you are putting your final touches on any projects that you are doing yourself – you have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner – and we want you to be as prepared as possible so you don’t stress over the small stuff…

Side note – these are just recommendations that Jacki and I would make to our bride – please feel free to use this information as you please.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic…. please feel free to leave your comments.

celebrate your love …



Snippet & Ink … blog March 25, 2009

Love – Love – Love – this fabulous little blog: Snippet & Ink

Snippet & Ink is a daily wedding inspiration blog that I have come to Love!

You will see color combos – inspiration boards – fabulous quotes – and so much more….. check them out!

celebrate your love …



Acres of Land Winery March 22, 2009

Jacki and I just found out this morning that Acres of Land Winery’s Restaurant had a FIRE early Saturday morning.  We certainly want to extend our sympathy and well wishes to Tina Orr, Lowell & Katherine Land!

This fire DID NOT affect their wedding location, but none the less…. the Restaurant was gorgeous (converted tobacco barn) and will be a huge loss for the winery.  As mentioned in the Herald-Leader, “the Land’s will rebuild in some form, but in the meantime, sales and tastings will move into the wine production building. There will continue to be vineyard tours and wagon rides and even weddings, though he might have to hire an outside caterer.”

If you are having a wedding/reception at Acres of Land Winery, PLEASE do not stress, as Tina Orr and the Land’s have everything under control and will ensure that this does not effect your special day.  If you are thinking of having your wedding at this beautiful location, please do not hesitate to go out and visit them….. they are wonderful to work with and have such fabulous views for your Kentucky wedding! (see photos on their website here)

We wish the best for Lowell and Katherine Land and the whole Acres of Land Winery….



Taboo Topics … Week Eight March 20, 2009

So, how did you do with the topic of children (and step children?)….. hopefully all went well and now you have a better understanding of how your marriage will work once children become a part of your life (or if you choose not to have children).

As you know, these are TABOO TOPICS and what are the three subjects that cause fights and most people avoid until they absolutely have to talk about them…. money; religion and her (the ex)!  Well, lucky for you, we will NEVER have you discuss an EX with your fiance – they are EX’s for a reason – right?

BUT, we will ask you to discuss money and religion…. in fact, we’ve kept the best for last!  This week, we will discuss money and next week (our final week) will be discussing the oh so touchy subject of religions.  So, sit down, grab of glass of your favorite drink and let’s get started.

MONEY! With the way our economy is…it needs to be discussed! No question about that! This could be a tough week to get through with these questions because money is on everyone’s mind right now. Either if you need it, don’t know what to do with it, save it, spend it or hate the topic…it’s money and it’s a part of daily life! These are some questions that may take a while to get through so save time for this taboo topic…


1. What’s your philosophy about money?
2. Who will decide where it is spent?
3. Who will pay the bills?
4. Will each of you have discretionary cash?
5. How much of your income will you save?
6. Where will you invest your money?
7. Do either of you have outstanding debt?
8. How do you feel about credit cards?
9. Do you view money as ‘yours and mine’ or ‘ours’?
10. Do you feel your value in the relationship is tied to how much money you earn?
11. If one of you doesn’t have an income, do they still have a day in financial decisions?
12. Will household responsibilites be balanced despite how much money each of you earns?
13. If one of you takes time off work, is the other comfortable being the sole financial provider for the family?
14. Are you comfortable in a relationship where the woman earns more money than the man?
15. Do you consider yourself a saver or a spender?
16. Will there be a prenuptial agreement?
17. Will you discuss major purchases with each other before making them?
18. Will you reserve part of your income for charitable contributions?
19. Would you be willing to accept help from your parents if you were in financial trouble?
20. If your parents or other family members wer having finacnial difficulty, would you help them financially?

Whew! That will bring a lot of disscussion! Once more, it is important to discuss money because its hard for two people to have the same feelings about each purchase that is made…talking to your fiance’ now about the subject will be more benefical then waiting!! (and you can get it over with!)
To read the full article, please pick up your copy of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine online – at Joseph-Beth – at Barnes & Nobles – at Wedding Wonderland – at Bluegrass Bride and many other fabulous wedding professionals throughout central Kentucky.

please leave your comments or feel free to email us anytime to jaime@jackiallen.com with Taboo Topics as the subject

celebrate your lovejacki-jaimeson-logo…..