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It’s So Pretty! Giveaway March 4, 2009

Okay ladies (and gents)…. I apologize we haven’t blogged in a few days (five to be exact) but we are back… yeah!  Ashley (office mgr), SaraLain (intern), Erika (intern) and I (jaimeson) have been busy, busy lately with our FABULOUS brides and just getting the office in order while the boss (jacki) is taking some vacation time….. so jealous of her right now!

Anyways, stay close as we have about three posts coming today and tomorrow…. so let’s get started!!!!

Ashley was gracious enough to attend a bridal show at Equestrian Woods this past weekend in my absence.  Equestrian Woods holds this event once a year for their members and brides having an event at their location…. so everyone attending (vendor wise) all received a 6 foot table…. below is what we did with our table…. cute huh?










WELL, we had a FABULOUS door prize, but unfortuneately they didn’t give any of them out….. boo hoo! 

SO, we decided to do a contest on the BLOG….. yeah!


Here’s the skinny (as they say)…..

* what you win (which everyone wants to know)…. 100 DOLLARS to spend at it’s so pretty!  (this is not just $100 in favors, this is $100 TOTAL – so if your order is only $80 and shippping and taxes are $20, then you’re covered….. how fabulous is that?)

* go to it’s so pretty! and pick out your most favorite favor

* submit the photo of the favor and a 50 word (or less) description in our “comments” of this blog of why you like this favor, how you will use this favor or anything that will make us smile and maybe even *chuckle* (please leave email address so we may contact you if you are the lucky winner!)

* contest ends: wednesday, march 11th at 11:59pm

* we will post the winner on thursday, march 12th 

Remember, it’s so pretty!  has favors for every occassion….. weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, ladies night…..

GOOD LUCK and we are sitting on the edge of our seats to read about your fabulous favor ideas!!!!

celebrate your love….



9 Responses to “It’s So Pretty! Giveaway”

  1. Katelyn Says:

    First, I LOVE “It’s so pretty!” favors! I’ve already chosen these:
    (Sorry, didn’t know how to insert the photo!)
    They’re adorable personalized glass jars; we’ll be getting the black/white damask to fill with green m&ms to match our colors! We’ll buy 300, so $100 off would be great!

  2. Ellen Says:

    How many times have you gotten a wedding favor that you had no use for? Too many times to count! I want something that my guests will actually use. The Forever Photo Frosted Glass Coasters are perfect. Not only will our guests receive these, but also a photo of us. (Yes, I’m very practical… and EXCITED to marry the man of my dreams!!!)

  3. Allison Says:

    My choice favor for my wedding has to be the Cow tape measures…”Utterly in love!” I am a country girl from a small town who has lived on a farm my whole life…I actually used to show cattle can you believe it?? Lol, so I thought this was perfect! I would like to attach a little message saying something like “Thank you for sharing our special day as we MOOOOOVE on with our life together!” My fiance is moving back to my hometown after we get married, so the farm life is waiting for him, making the cow favor a perfect fit!


  4. Jennifer Says:

    My fiancé and I love to ski and want to do that for our honeymoon. We’ve decided to go to Canada to honeymoon and ski to our hearts content – which requires a winter wedding. I had always imagined having a beautiful outdoor wedding- and that isn’t exactly an option in Kentucky on January 2nd! At first I was at a loss- how do you pull off a cool (no pun intended!) winter wedding? It wasn’t until I saw the cute seasonal wedding favors “it’s so pretty” has to offer that my imagination started to soar and I first really got excited about having a winter wedding! The Snowflake Place Card Holder/ Ornament caught my eye and are what I want to give my guests as favors. I love the versatility of the favor- we’ll use it as place card holders at the reception, and guests can later use it as a picture frame and put it on their refrigerator or hang it on their Christmas tree as an ornament! The tables at our reception will be perfectly seasonably themed with vases filled with ‘snow and ice covered’ bare branches, and the snowflake favors at each place setting.

  5. erin young Says:

    My fiance and i are a young couple with a beautiful son and are in the process of finishing up college. That being said, we’ve definatly stretched out our budget as far as it possibly could go so favors weren’t even an option for us until i recieved your e-mail today !! With a glimmer of hope in my eyes i went to the website immediatly and did some ‘ dream shopping’ as i call it.. what i would think would be the perfect favor if we had the option. the perfect favor for our wedding i feel would be the Love grows plantable wildflower favors’ heart. Kevin and i have been saving up to make a donation to JDF foundation in everyone’s name for the wedding ( i have been a type 1 diabetic for 10 yrs now). so attatching a note to these favors just seems like a really sweet and elegent touch to let ppl know they contributed to a hope for the cure when they plant their flowers and watch them bloom . the link for the favor is http://itssopretty.0.kateaspenshops.com/product/growing-up-wildflower-seeds.html
    .. i couldn’t quite figure out how to post a picture… thank you ! * erin young

  6. I LOVE these little tins. They are absolutely adorable! My fiance and I decided that we wanted to get personalized M&M’s for our wedding and these little tins would be perfect for them. We are also giving out chop sticks to all out guests. I am Vietnamese so we thought it would be fitting. We also though that our guests could practice using their chop sticks by picking up the M&Ms and eating them=) YUM! I also feel that the guests could always reuse the tins for whatever purpose. I am sure they would want to take the personalized label off though=( Anyway, sorry for the picture not being posted. I am not very computer savvy.

  7. Mary Ellen Says:

    Many favors caught my eye, but one tickled my taste buds. Any reference to ice cream = love at first …taste! Arrange the “Scoop of Love” Ice Cream Scoops in vases, serve Dixie cups of ice cream with cake, and, cherry on top – dance to Sarah McLaughlin’s “Ice Cream.”


  8. Mary Ellen Says:

    Many favors caught my eye, but one tickled my taste buds. Any reference to ice cream = love at first …taste! Arrange the “Scoop of Love” Ice Cream Scoops in vases, serve Dixie cups of ice cream with cake, and, cherry on top – dance to Sarah McLaughlin’s “Ice Cream.”


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