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Taboo Topics…Week Six March 6, 2009

How are you hanging in there so far?  Remember – these topics and questions are to benefit you as a couple.  The more we are open and honest before the big day, the happier the marriage will be as the “complicated” situations arise.

Well, this week is no different….. while some of you picture your wedding and family starting right away, others haven’t even thought about kids (for themselves) and don’t plan on having them for years to come….. but they will come for most of you and so this TABOO TOPIC must be discussed…… (stay tuned if you will becoming a step-parent, as that will be our topic next week!)

Baby Talk

1. Do you want children? If so, how many kids do each of you want?

2. How far along into your marriage do you want to have kids?

3. Do you have certain financial or career goals you want to achieve before starting a family?

4. What is your philosophy on raising children?

5. How will you discipline your children? Which of you is more likely to be the disciplinarian? Are you comfortable with that role?

6. Who will be responsible for changing diapers?

7. Who will be responsible for getting up in the middle of the night?

8. What if your child has special needs?

9. Do you want to educated your children in public or private schools?

10. Do you like the way you were raised? What would you do differently?

11. What is your belief on childcare? How will you finance it?

12. Describe what you hope your parenting style will be in one word.

13. Do you believe one parent should stay at home after you have children? Which parent would it be?

14. Will you support each other’s decisions in front of the children, even if you disagree?

15. How will having children change the amount of time you spend with your friends?

16. How will you pay for major expenses such as education or cars for your children? Or will you expect the children to help or pay for those completely?

A baby or babies will change your relationship and marriage….. they are a BIG responsibility and need both parents to thrive, so hopefully these questions will give you and your fiance’ some clarity.

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celebrate your love…..



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