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$100 it’s so pretty! Giveaway March 12, 2009

Jacki and I just want to say THANK YOU for all of the fabulous comments for the it’s so pretty! $100 giveaway!

To see the post and all the comments, click here.

…… and the winner is ……

its-so-pretty-love-grows“My fiance and i are a young couple with a beautiful son and are in the process of finishing up college. That being said, we’ve definatly stretched out our budget as far as it possibly could go so favors weren’t even an option for us until i recieved your e-mail today !! With a glimmer of hope in my eyes i went to the website immediatly and did some ‘ dream shopping’ as i call it.. what i would think would be the perfect favor if we had the option. the perfect favor for our wedding i feel would be the Love grows plantable wildflower favors’ heart. Kevin and i have been saving up to make a donation to JDF foundation in everyone’s name for the wedding ( i have been a type 1 diabetic for 10 yrs now). so attatching a note to these favors just seems like a really sweet and elegent touch to let ppl know they contributed to a hope for the cure when they plant their flowers and watch them bloom . the link for the favor is http://itssopretty.0.kateaspenshops.com/product/growing-up-wildflower-seeds.html
.. i couldn’t quite figure out how to post a picture… thank you ! * erin young”

We liked all the comments…. and so to all you fabulous brides that chose an it’s so pretty! favor and didn’t win, please check your emails later today, as we will be sending you a special message!

stay posted as we had so much FUN with this giveaway that we are thinking of doing another ….

celebrate your love ….



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