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Taboo Topics … Week Eight March 20, 2009

So, how did you do with the topic of children (and step children?)….. hopefully all went well and now you have a better understanding of how your marriage will work once children become a part of your life (or if you choose not to have children).

As you know, these are TABOO TOPICS and what are the three subjects that cause fights and most people avoid until they absolutely have to talk about them…. money; religion and her (the ex)!  Well, lucky for you, we will NEVER have you discuss an EX with your fiance – they are EX’s for a reason – right?

BUT, we will ask you to discuss money and religion…. in fact, we’ve kept the best for last!  This week, we will discuss money and next week (our final week) will be discussing the oh so touchy subject of religions.  So, sit down, grab of glass of your favorite drink and let’s get started.

MONEY! With the way our economy is…it needs to be discussed! No question about that! This could be a tough week to get through with these questions because money is on everyone’s mind right now. Either if you need it, don’t know what to do with it, save it, spend it or hate the topic…it’s money and it’s a part of daily life! These are some questions that may take a while to get through so save time for this taboo topic…


1. What’s your philosophy about money?
2. Who will decide where it is spent?
3. Who will pay the bills?
4. Will each of you have discretionary cash?
5. How much of your income will you save?
6. Where will you invest your money?
7. Do either of you have outstanding debt?
8. How do you feel about credit cards?
9. Do you view money as ‘yours and mine’ or ‘ours’?
10. Do you feel your value in the relationship is tied to how much money you earn?
11. If one of you doesn’t have an income, do they still have a day in financial decisions?
12. Will household responsibilites be balanced despite how much money each of you earns?
13. If one of you takes time off work, is the other comfortable being the sole financial provider for the family?
14. Are you comfortable in a relationship where the woman earns more money than the man?
15. Do you consider yourself a saver or a spender?
16. Will there be a prenuptial agreement?
17. Will you discuss major purchases with each other before making them?
18. Will you reserve part of your income for charitable contributions?
19. Would you be willing to accept help from your parents if you were in financial trouble?
20. If your parents or other family members wer having finacnial difficulty, would you help them financially?

Whew! That will bring a lot of disscussion! Once more, it is important to discuss money because its hard for two people to have the same feelings about each purchase that is made…talking to your fiance’ now about the subject will be more benefical then waiting!! (and you can get it over with!)
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One Response to “Taboo Topics … Week Eight”

  1. […] and we have saved the most taboo topic for the end! Why not go out with a bang?  As mentioned in last week’s post … we will be discussing RELIGION!  No matter what “everyone” says …. […]

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