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Taboo Topics … Week Nine March 27, 2009

This is the last week and we have saved the most taboo topic for the end! Why not go out with a bang?  As mentioned in last week’s post … we will be discussing RELIGION!  No matter what “everyone” says …. please discuss religion. Even if this topic is hard for you to bring up, this is a subject that plays an important role to some and a not-so-important to others – either way, your future spouse should know where you stand on this topic. 

Without further ado…..


1. Do you believe in God?  Heaven and hell?

2. How large of a role does religion play in your life?  Do you attend religious ceremonies regularly?   

3. Does your partner understand your beliefs?

4. Do you respect each others beliefs?

5. Do you expect your fiance’ to convert to your religion?

6. Will you be disappointing anyone if you change your religious practices?

7. Do you think religion should be practiced as a family or as an individual?

8. If you have children, will you raise them religiously? In which faith?

9. Are your families going to respect your religious decisions?

10. How do you feel about circumcision?

YOU HAVE MADE IT!  The taboo topics are over! No matter how hard these last nine weeks have been…we hope you feel that you know your fiance’ better than ever. These are very difficult questions that we have asked you to bring up but we feel that these questions over the past nine weeks will bring you closer as a couple. These are topics that are not easily brought up and we commend you for doing this. We wish you and your fiance’ nothing but the best and hope the Taboo Topics were helpful (and not to “taboo”)!

And remember, to read the full article, please pick up your copy of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine online – at Joseph-Beth – at Barnes & Nobles – at Wedding Wonderland – at Bluegrass Bride and many other fabulous wedding professionals throughout central Kentucky.

Celebrate your love (and the fact that you know your fiance’ better than you did 9 weeks ago!) ….



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