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Facebook and the such…. March 28, 2009

Most, if not all of you that follow this blog are most likely members of Facebook!  We would love to be your friend on facebook…. we have three pages – Kentucky Bride Ltd – Jacki Allen – Jaimeson Gann … come check us out!

The same individuals that are members of Facebook, probably also use twitter.  I’ll be honest with you – Jacki and I are not sure about the whole “twitter” phenomenon …. so we would like to hear what you think….

* How many of you “twitter” yourself?

* How many of you follow other “twitters”?

* Would you be interested in following Jacki and I?

* How often would you like to hear from us on “twitter”? once a day – twice a day – more, etc.


Jacki and I want to make sure that we are offering YOU (wheather you are a bride, mother of a bride, other wedding professional, or just anyone who LOVES weddings) the best of the best …. which we’ve tried to do through jacki, wedding planner Kentucky Bride Magazine Kentucky Bride Bridal Show and our blog….

so please leave your comments here or contact me directly at jaime@jackiallen.com …. we’d love to hear from you!

celebrate your life …



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