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Kentucky Bride Association … march recap meeting April 1, 2009

{Jacki founded the Kentucky Bride Association – KBA – over six years ago to bring wedding professionals together.  Jacki believes in coopetition, not competition…. let’s be honest – we can’t plan every wedding – one photographer can’t shoot every wedding, etc…. so why not get to know your peers and be able to make good, ethical, recommendations to brides if you are unable to help them.}

We hosted our first KBA meeting of the year last night at Doubletree Guest Suites in Lexington, KY.

First, let me mention Doubletree Guest Suites…. FABULOUS!  We worked directly with Tasha Davis and she was very friendly and helpful.  BUT, let me tell you about the “lobby” if you can even call it that…. BEAUTIFUL!  If you have not been to Doubletree, then please go visit for yourself.  When you walk in, you will feel that you have stepped into New Orleans…. there are bright, beautiful colors – balaconies overlooking the “lobby” – fabulous pavers for the flooring…. and we haven’t even stepped into the ballrooms yet.  Once in the ballrooms, you will see fabulous crystal chandeliers, plush custom carpet and trey ceilings.  Click HERE to learn more….

For the March KBA meeting, we discussed the 2008 American Wedding Study (just released two weeks ago).  We also had wonderful conversation concerning what trends and brides are doing in central Kentucky … fabulous meeting all around!

First, I’d like to tell you a few of the stats from the American Wedding Study, then I’d like to let you know who attended the fabulous meeting.

2008 American Wedding Study HIGHLIGHTS

  • Who is the AVERAGE Bride: 27 years old – 78% work full time – 91% attended college
  • The number one researched item for a wedding is the WEDDING DRESS!
  • The hightest increase of one category is the ENGAGEMENT RING …. going from $4,435 in 2006 to $6,348 in 2008 – that’s a 43% increase!
  • 86% of brides make sure to wear something old, new, borrowed and blue … brides are still traditional (or just superstitious) – either way, we LOVE this tradition.
  • THere are lots more stats, but I just wanted to share a few with you – hope you enjoyed!

March 2009 KBA attendees

Please go visit Doubletree and all the other wonderful wedding professionals that are members of the Kentucky Bride Association – tell them jacki and jaimeson  referred you!

celebrate your life …



One Response to “Kentucky Bride Association … march recap meeting”

  1. Jackie Lee Says:

    Jacki and Jaimeson,

    Thank you hosting such a wonderfully informative meeting last night. It was an honor to be included in such an amazing group. The high quality of vendors that attended speaks volumes to the amount of respect you have in the industry.



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