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Ladies Weekend … April 5, 2009

The latest trend in celebrating your BFF’s “last night of freedom” has become a weekend getaway!  When once, a Bachelorette Party {drunken night on the town} would be sufficient – it has become clear that the fabulous brides of today, like to get away {road trip}!

So, in honor of these lovely ladies, we have picked a few fabulous finds from it’s so pretty! 

First up – the traditional shot glass…. BUT personalized in the bride’s honor.  You could also use as a votive holder


























Next, how about this fabulous photo album {can even fit in your purse} that can be personalized as well …. what a better place to keep your weekend memories!


























Finally, and one of our faves … this adorable high heeled luggage tag  … love it!


























we hope you have a fabulous ladies weekend ….. we’d love to hear what you’re planning … vegas?  spa weekend?  beach?  snow skiing? 

celebrate with your ladies …



3 Responses to “Ladies Weekend …”

  1. Zoe Mduncan Says:

    Beautiful photos, they just pop out of the page.

  2. Name Tags Says:

    Wow these are some great party favors/gifts. Do you know if any of these items are available to be customized with initials or names?

  3. jaimeson Says:

    yes …. all of these items are personalized! please visit http://www.itssopretty.kateaspenshops.com and click the “personal” favors. enjoy …

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