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Lovely Words from a Blushing Bride April 23, 2009

Jacki and I were so humbled and honored to have received this fabulous love letter from our blushing bride from this past Saturday!  We wanted to share with you, as sometimes only BRIDES can put it best as to how much a wedding planner can help them.

enjoy …


Hi Jacki!


All I can say is wow.  The whole weekend was so unbelievably perfect.  It exceeded not only my expectations but anything I could have dreamed of.  Everything was amazing – the food, flowers, trees, lighting (J), music, service, the cake, Marcus and Ana, I just can’t thank you enough.  I know I’m forgetting things to thank you for.  The pictures on the table leading into the tent, the name cards, the programs, the itineraries and gift bags and everything!  All of your staff are amazing.  Jaime of course and Erika being the ones I dealt with the most.  I know you know how amazing Jaime is but wanted to say it anyway!  She is always happy, supportive, has everything under control, has great ideas and instills a sense that everything will be ok no matter what happens.  Erika was also fantastic – she took care of the girls and the guys the day of like an expert.  She ran and got my sister-in-law and niece food, if anyone had a question she answered it and if she didn’t know the answer she immediately found the answer.  She was always there when we needed her and also completely unobtrusive during emotional moments.  I can’t go on enough about either of them. 

When I started the wedding planning process, I originally thought I could have planned it on my own if I was in Lexington rather than in Bermuda.  There is absolutely no way the weekend would have been anything close to what it was without your help, regardless of where I was living at the time of the planning!  The horse farm tours and Woodford tour and lunch could not have been more perfect and everything the day of the wedding went so smoothly I don’t think I ever got nervous about anything.  The next morning’s brunch and Keeneland also went off without a hitch, even given the horrible weather! (We got so lucky with the weather on Friday and Saturday!)  

Jacki I could write this thank you for hours but for now I’ll stop here.  I’m sure I’ll write you again to thank you again!!!  Tom and I both are still on such a high.  Thank you so much for making our weekend more than I could have dreamed of.

All the best, Susan”

{wiping tears}  THIS is why we plan weddings … to fulfill our Bride’s dreams and exceed their expectations.

here’s a teaser picture of this fabulous wedding …





 … how lovely!









love celebrated ….



6 Responses to “Lovely Words from a Blushing Bride”

  1. Jackie Lee Says:

    What a wonderful sentiment. You guys set the standard for planners like myself. Congrats on a job well done and an extremely happy bride. Stunning photo! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. zoe858 Says:

    That is a beautiful picture and the dress is outstanding.

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  5. Monique Fantus Says:

    Superb site. You have won a brand-new regular reader. Please maintain the fabulous work and I look forward to more of your engrossing posts.

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