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Tom and Susan … part one May 5, 2009

What an amazing bride, Susan … what an amazing couple, Tom and Susan … what an amazing LOVE story, theirs … what an amazing wedding!  We are oh so blessed to have the very best brides, and Susan was no exception.  Susan, who grew up in Lexington but currently lives in Bermuda {not too shabby}, wanted to incorporate items from both Kentucky and Bermuda for her out of town, out of state and out of country guests.  Tom and Susan have such a wonderful family and group of friends that they wanted everyone to feel extra special and get a true sense of who they are as a couple and to get a true feel of the Bluegrass.  So, Tom and Susan decided to have a weekend celebration with family and friends to enjoy everyone without being rushed, visit some of the best places in Kentucky and to throw a wedding in the mix …. we had a blast coming up with ideas and planning this mini venture!

here are some pictures from the photographer we hired to shoot this fabulous wedding {Danelle Alexis Photography}

 s&t ceremony chairs

 s&t bermuda formalwear






s&t flower girls



s&t just married



s&t cocktail hour

s&t table


s&t tree decor



s&t happiness














this last photo shows exactly what every planner strives to have their couple feel … happiness!



words from the lovely bride, Susan, on this POST

more photos coming from Susan’s photographer, RedTree Photography

celebrating Tom and Susan’s love …



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