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Portal Films … Vendor Spotlight June 24, 2009

portal films - 1

Jacki and I just ADORE Andy Jackson owner/filmaker of Portal Films from Asheville, NC. 

Here is a small tidbit of how Andy describes his work …

“The films i have been creating over the course of the past few years, or at least the style i have been striving towards, is purely impressionistic.  when i say that, i mean that what i capture is not necessarily literal… love is not necessarily portrayed with a couple exchanging a kiss, nervousness is not necessarily portrayed by a bride shedding tears, joy is not necessarily portrayed by smiles and shouts….” {please read more here in the “about” section}

Andy is so talented that there are no words for me to describe … my advice is to go to Portal Films and click “Enter Gallery” and you will be able to view a three minute sample film {which I cry to every time I watch} … simply amazing!

Jacki and I are fortunate enough to work with Andy Jackson for an October wedding and we are oh so excited!

Celebrate your love …



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