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Giveaways Galore … June 26, 2009

KBBS Billboard Smaller

The Kentucky Bride Bridal Show is only three weeks away and we are oh-so-excited!  We have some amazing vendors … just go HERE and see for yourself.  We have some over-the-top Grand Prizes, such as ….

* Overnight Stay with Breakfast for Two from Hyatt Regency

* DJ Service for Wedding Reception from Phoenix Entertainment

* Romantic Getaway with Dinner and Champage for Two from The Castle Post

* AND so many door prizes every thirty minutes that I can’t even begin to type them all here.


So, with all the fabulous vendors and Grand Prizes in one location on Sunday, July 12th, we want to make sure that you and all your besties can make it … and if you can’t we still want to give you a chance for something extra special too …

{drum roll please}


1. FOUR FREE tickets to the July 12th Kentucky Bride Bridal Show


2. $100 to spend at it’s so pretty! … fabulous favors for your wedding, ladies night out, anniversaries, birthday and so much more.


3. FOUR FREE tickets to the July 12th Kentucky Bride Bridal Show


4. $150 towards a handmade, large, customized frame from sugarboo designs


5. FOUR FREE tickets to the July 12th Kentucky Bride Bridal Show


So, you may be asking yourself how can you get in on the action … well, here’s the skinny:

* From now until Monday, July 6th, leave a comment about your wedding …. THAT’S IT!  how simple…..

* It can be anything from where you took your engagement photos, to how he proposed, to a DIY project, to your favorite it’s so pretty! favor …. anything about you as a couple and your wedding – we love the stories.

* On Tuesday, July 7th, Jacki and I will randomly pick the five winners and notify them by the email address they used to enter the contest {from there we will ask for more info so the winner can receive their PRIZE}


p.s. … don’t forget that you can visit kybride.com for a discount coupon for your entire party AND that the newest issue of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine will be debuting and given out for FREE {reg. $5.95} to all the brides {be the first to receive}

celebrate your love …



12 Responses to “Giveaways Galore …”

  1. Kate Crawford Says:

    Looking back at the night my fiance proposed I definately should have known something was up, but never did. For one it was Friday, Febuary 13th, not Valentines day, and I had already been told not to expect a proposal before March. So I didnt expect a thing when my parents, my fiance, his parents, and my grandparents gathered for dinner at my house. Throughout dinner my fiance began writing notes back and forth to me on chalkboard menu board. After several comments I was pleasantly surpised when I turned around to find “Will you marry me?” written on the board with my fiance on one knee. Now not only do I have the board and pictures to remember our special day, my parents got to witness the whole event on Friday Feb 13th, 27 years to the day of their very first date.

  2. Stephanie Bailey Says:

    I never expected to get engaged in such a romantic place and have such a beautiful ring by just his guess. I never went to look at rings or talked about rings and he pick the one that perfectly fit my style and preference. On to the engagement we were lucky enough to get to take a vacation to the beach this year which I haven’t been since I was little. I absolutely love the beach but haven’t had the money for a vacation at all for so long and in the back of my mind I thought this would be so amazing to get engaged while here, since it was such a luxury to go anyway. I knew this would not happen for a while and it would be the perfect place but I just knew he would never have thought ahead to see how romantic it would be. Well, I was wrong our third night on the beach we were walking down the beach at night with our flash light looking for sand crabs and he stops and reaches in his pocket. I about died and he said will you marry me and shined the flashlight on the ring. I couldn’t do anything but cry. He asked me again “will you marry me”, I grabbed him and cryed on his shoulder and he stood there and said “okay……will you marry me” and of course I said yes. It was more than I had ever dreamed of and he could have not picked a better place, I am so excited to live the rest of my life with him. He is truly amazing, and we finally found a reception hall for our wedding and we have set the date for OCT 24, this year I can not wait.

  3. Amber McGehee Says:

    For my May 2010 wedding, I’m getting creative! A beautiful, fun, yet inexpensive way to decorate is with fruit. My colors are pink and green, so for my centerpieces, I’m filling glass vases with green apples with pink flowers coming from the top. Nature is a great way to add a creative spark to your wedding!

  4. Becka Says:

    Who knew that planning a wedding would be so crazy? Every time I turn around I have new options and 500 different ways to do the exact same thing!!! Wow it can be really overwhelming!We announced our engagement in March and have been planning ever since. My fiance is defiantly my best friend he helps me deal with so much and he is very involved in planning the wedding! He says he wants to be a part of making my special day which is AWESOME! We just took our engagement photos in the town where we grew up and we are looking forward to all the other photos and memories we will be creating over the next year and the rest of our lives.

  5. Lisa Says:

    It’s been so crazy planning my wedding…I never realized how even the simplest of tasks ends up getting so hard when everyone’s opinions start getting in 🙂

  6. Letisha Says:

    Wow,I never thought planning a wedding could be so difficult but it can. I have less than 2 months to go…My wedding date is Aug 15th,and still so much that I still need to do…I have most of the big things done except stuff for the reception…So I’m hoping it all comes together great.All of my bridal party live out of town,except his side so it’s been tough on me,but it will all work out in the end…With my working hours as a 911 Dispatcher and his a deputy sheriff its hard to sit down and actually plan stuff together since we both work different shifts and when we are both off work we just want to spend it with each other and not worry about anything…

  7. Lytasha Mills Says:

    Planning my wedding has been an eye opening experiance. I have help numerous friends plan theirs but I so was not prepared to plan my own. I have been having a great time. Everyone has been really helpful and easy going. I know I haven’t made it to the end yet but so far so good. I am so excited and can not wait to live my dream!!
    P.S. I love this site and thanks for all the great suggestions!

  8. Tara Says:

    I have just begun planning a wedding for April 2010. I cannot wait to the big day!

  9. ashley stykes Says:

    I am getting married Oct. 24 and am very excited. Planning the wedding has been fun and my fiance and family have been very involved. July is the month we get to do a cake tasting and engagement pictures made. I am sure it will just get crazier as the time gets closer.

  10. Kelli Vinson Says:

    I’m just beginning to plan my Fall 2010 wedding. There are so many things to consider and choose. I want to make this time of planning a relaxing, stress-free (if that’s possible) chapter of my life!

  11. Carolyn Whaley Says:

    Our date is next June! It seems so far away as far as getting to spend our lives together, but so close as far as planning. I’m just trying to enjoy asking our wedding party, being creative and shopping!

  12. Melissa Mende Says:

    I think i finally found the perfect site for our reception. Its rustic, intimate, adorable and perfect. I can’t wait!

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