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Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival … July 3, 2009

Jacki and I went to a fabulous Arts Festival this past weekend {june 27}, the Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival.  We had a wonderful time viewing all the wonderful booths {over 150} and seeing everyone’s vision and ART.  We met some amazing artist and even picked up a few fabulous favorites!

Here’s a little recap on a few of the artists …

* We met a fabulous letterpress company from Monterey, KY … Larkspur Press.  They use machines from the 1940’s and older {love it} and they also bind their own books, journals, notepads, etc.  photos below …



* Next up, we met an amazing black and white photographer, JD Nolan.  I noticed one of his photographs while in another booth and just fell in love and had to go get a closer look … then he showed me the camera he used and the process for producing his photographs … simply amazing … then I realized the photo was of a ceiling of a church in Dublin, Ireland … no more thinking … the photo was mine!  photos below …










Why am I writing about this on our wedding blog?  Two reasons … you could find a vendor (Larkspur Press) and you can find inspiration (JD Nolan) at your local art fairs … don’t be afraid to venture out … it’s well worth it!


celebrate the art that is in your life …



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