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celebrate your love … July 14, 2009

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celebrate your love …

have you ever wondered why this is our “signature” quote?

well, jacki and i love everything about our life – family {obviously, we’re a mother/daughter team} and that we have such supporting husbands and children; our brides AND grooms; the emotions that we get to experience not only with our clients, but with all wedding professionals on a daily basis. we love looking at wedding photos and videos {i swear i cry on a weekly basis}.  we love sweet tea on a hot day and the fact that we can walk across the street to Panera to get a glass. we love being a part of our community and watching it grow and change around us.  we love life … and so many people, places and things that we don’t want to bore you …

… so in saying “celebrate your love …” we are saying to celebrate everything about your life that you love – no matter what it is!

what do you celebrate?  what and/or who is the love in your life? how do you show your love? {personally, we love handwritten notes around here … maybe you’ve gotten one from us?}  fill us in, so we can join in the celebration!

celebrate your love …



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