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July 09 Kentucky Bride Bridal Show … pretty pics July 17, 2009

WOW!  What a week we’ve had … the Kentucky Bride Bridal Show was on Sunday, July 12th {thanks to everyone who participated and all the brides who came} – then we had set up for Freedom Fest on Wednesday and Thursday, with the “Meet the Designers” for the first part of today {pretty pics to come soon} – and finally, we have a wedding on Sunday … whew … wiping my forehead!

But, before time completely gets away from us, we wanted to share some “pretty pics” from the bridal show … all photos by julie wilson {our fabulous editor} or erika hunt {one of our fabulous interns}.  So, without further ado …

 kbbs 1let’s start with jacki’s booth {my favorite, of course} …kbbs 3

kbbs 2 



kbbs 4kbbs 5DSC_0114


… some of our thought process … – we had a strong color pallette, our company colors, apple green, black and white – we tried to show off our work in different ways, we had a tablescape, a candy bar, a lounge area, a digital frame, our portfolio of photos, etc. – we tried to make each section it’s own area and show brides how they could use these lovely ideas themselves or we can do for them – we also had some of the best “goodies” we’ve had yet, we had our usual green pens, but we also had these fabulous new jacki post its and yummy green apply “sweet” bags – …



next up is photos from around the show … we had food, cakes, dresses, jewelry, flowers, music … and the list goes on …

kbbs 7DSC_0273kbbs 8kbbs 9kbbs 10kbbs 11kbbs 12IMG_0088

kbbs 13







hope you enjoyed all the “pretty pics” … if you have any photos from the bridal show that you’d like to share, we’d love to see them!

celebrating weddings …



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