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Buyer BEWARE … July 20, 2009

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This post is something completely out of the ordinary for me, but I feel so strongly about it that I had to mention.  What I’m about to write about happened exactly one week ago, Monday, July 13th, and I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to mention … but at the end of the day, I have a strong opinion and I want to voice it.

so, here goes …

Jacki and I got such rave reviews on the new issue of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine from brides and vendors alike, that we wanted to make sure that they were on newsstands first thing Monday {just so anyone that wanted to see what the buzz was all about, could pick up their very own copy}!

After lunch, Jacki and I decided to go visit Barnes and Noble … check, check – we’re there!

Next stop, Joseph-Beth … check, check – we’re there!  BUT THEN … as always, we look through all the new bridal magazines and purchase the ones that haven’t come in the mail yet {we have to stay current to stay on top} … but this is where the story gets juicy …

… as I’m casually flipping the pages of one of the magazines waiting in line to pay, a business card falls out!  Now, I have never worked with this wedding professional before {and after this, I never will} and will not be mentioning any business names for two reasons – #1 I don’t want to give them any recognition on the off chance that someone may look them up and do business with them AND #2 I don’t want their company associated with mine or this blog in any way.

My first reaction … oh this must be an accident!  This person obviously forgot the card here OR someone else had the card and left it in here by mistake.  THEN, I check another magazine … and to my surprise, there is another business card!  THEN, I continue to check, to find FOUR business cards in various magazines before I stop checking and get a manager to take over.  Here’s what the manager thinks the person did … acted as if they were looking at the magazine and slipped their business card in.  This person only put the business card in the top issue of the magazine on the stack … obviously this person couldn’t put one in all of the magazines as someone would notice AND also, why would someone look at 10 copies of the same magazine.

My second reaction … HOW TACKY, CHEAP, DISRESPECTFUL, and on and on!  {see, I told you I don’t normally write these type of blog posts}

Here’s my thought process …

* This business does not want to pay for advertising

* This business tries to “cut corners” in their business {makes you wonder if they’ll cut corners on the job or product they are giving you}

* This business does not respect the wedding professionals that are in the magazine {the businesses that either paid or have their products featured in these magazines did so because they have a marketing plan and have decided that this is where to spend their marketing dollars … by this company “slipping” in their cards, they are taking away from all of these businesses, which are their peers and other wedding professionals – which I would not call this company professional at all!}

* This business does not respect the store {if they did, then they would not have “slipped” their cards in to begin with – and if they wanted to be associated with this store, then my suggestion would be to contact the store manager and see if they have a place for business cards … not “piggy backing” off other companies}

Before this gets too long, I am going to end.  But, please feel free to leave your thoughts – even if you don’t agree with me … all comments are welcome.

celebrating our business …



3 Responses to “Buyer BEWARE …”

  1. Jackie Lee Says:


    I understand your frustration. You’ve worked long and hard on a quality product and are proud of what you’ve produced. Here’s my thoughts…the ones who cut corners like that always end up getting the short end of the stick. True winners will always end up on top. It may take longer than it should, but you can’t do business like that and expect to go far. Don’t let it get you down. Just keep on keeping on…

    BTW, I wish you would have outed them by name…although from your description I may know who it is. 😉

  2. Jackie Lee Says:

    Oops, meant Jaime…I have a bride “Jaimie” and that “i” popped in there to fast.

  3. Ellen Says:

    Jaime, I know for a fact that this happens often with other professionals. I know that some people in my field have done the same thing by putting cards in self-help books. I know you would hate to do it, but to prevent this your magazine could be placed in one of the plastic coverings that mailed magazines come in. Just one solution. It is an extra cost and it is a shame that you even have to worry about that. Hopefully, if it continues, people will know what has happened. You cold also place a disclosure in the magazine explaining that if there are business cards in the magazine that you do not endorse that particular business. Just some ideas! Ellen

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