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Monday Morning … four August 31, 2009

We are on our fourth week of the Monday Blog and we are having a fabulous time! 

Just in case you would like to view the other Monday’s  … here is week one, two, and three.

Now, onto our reader’s question …

“As my big day approaches and my budget is busting at the seams, I am needing to prioritize where I am spending those valuable dollars … my biggest concern is hair and make-up.  I have gotten mixed answers from my family and friends.  So, what do you think … should I pay to have my hair and make-up professionally done or ask a friend to do it?

Katie in Louisville, KY”


Katie –

GREAT question!  We realize and understand that budgets get tight – especially closer to the wedding date. 

We have a few thoughts for you to consider and to see what is important to you.  How important are your wedding day photos to you … and we don’t mean that in a “of course they’re important” … we mean that in a “will your photos be displayed for years to come – will they be passed down to your children – is photography one of your big budget items”?  Do you remember seeing your parents, grandparents and others wedding photos?  Would you like to have a certain “look” on your wedding day? 

So, once you think about these questions and the importance that your hair and make up hold onto your wedding day look, we know that you will choose the right answer for yourself and budget.

If you want our opinion, we would definitely invest in getting your hair and make up professionally done.  This, of course, can be done by family/friend that is a professional or has been doing your hair/make-up. 

As always, we would suggest having a trial run with the person that will be doing your hair and make-up for the BIG day – whether it is a paid professional or not.

Katie, we know you will be beautiful on your wedding day.  And for any other BRIDE or GROOM out there with questions, please feel free to email us at jaime {at} jackiallen {dot} com with Monday Blog as the subject.

celebrate your love …



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