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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for KBM … September 2, 2009

As you know, jacki allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine is sold ONLINE, at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Barnes & Noble, and locally owned bookstores. 

Starting in August 2009, our Fall Issue is being sold statewide through BORDERS – yeah!

Also, begining with our Winter (January) 2010 issue, we will be on newsstands in … {drum roll please} … WALMART across the whole state of Kentucky!

We are OH SO excited about these opportunities and couldn’t wait to share the news with you!



*** Kentucky Bride Magazine is locally owned: we live here – we plan weddings here – we use Kentucky retailers and companies for our articles – we use Kentucky photographers for our Real Kentucky Weddings – and most importantly we do everything in the United States of America – we support our economy! ***


If you are interested in having your REAL KENTUCKY wedding in an issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine OR would like to be a part of our “Bride’s Advice” column, please contact our editor, Julie Wilson at julie@jackiallen.com .


We would love to sit down and go over all the details of jacki allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine with you.

For central kentucky, please contact Amber Bowling at amber@jackiallen.com

For northern kentucky, please contact Susan Kopp at susan@jackiallen.com

For all other kentucky areas, please contact Jaimeson Gann at jaime@jackiallen.com

celebrating in kentucky …



3 Responses to “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for KBM …”

  1. Thank You for supporting our economy. The Magazine looks great! Keep up the good work. It’s a great size and the cover is very colorful which makes it stick out from other magazines. Kentucky needed a local magazine.

  2. jaimeson Says:

    Thank you Tony … very kind words!

  3. Erica Gillespie Says:

    Walmart?! WOW! That is amazing…they are a tough retailer to crack. I’m so proud of you all and can’t wait to pick up a copy next time I’m in town 🙂 miss you bunches.

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