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Monday Morning … five September 7, 2009

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It’s week five and we are having a great time with this Monday Morning Blog and we hope you are too.  If you have a question, please send an email to jaime {at} jackiallen {dot} com with MONDAY BLOG as your subject.

Onto question number five …

“My fiance and I have had a few conflicting ideas on “tipping” the individuals/companies we have hired for our wedding.  We want to make sure that we are budgeting correctly for the “tipping” and making sure that we feel comfortable with that amount.  Please let us know the standard.


Kim in Cincinnati, OH”


Kim, fabulous question and one that I think is forgotten until it’s too late or not considered in most couples budgets.

Please take the following information as suggestions….

WHO – Hair/make up artist day of

HOW MUCH – 15 – 20% (depending on if they come to your location)

DIST BY – Wedding Planner (if you don’t have a wedding planner, I would recommend you ask one person to be responsible for distributing your “appreciation”)


WHO – Musicians for ceremony

HOW MUCH – 10% of fee

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Musicians/DJ for reception

HOW MUCH – $25 – $50 per member

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Wait Staff and Bartenders for your event

HOW MUCH – $20 per person (FYI – we recommend that you check with your caterer/venue to double check the “20% service fee” that is on your contract – this is NOT always given to the wait staff as a tip and simply just an added fee – so you will want to make sure that your servers are taken care of)

DIST BY – Wedding Planner will give all envelopes to Head Chef or Maitre de at end of evening


WHO – Head Chef or Maitre de

HOW MUCH – Flat Fee …. we recommend $100 or more

DIST BY – Wedding Planner at end of evening


WHO – Limousine or Specialty Vehicle

HOW MUCH – 15-20% of total bill

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Parking atendants for Valet Parking

HOW MUCH – $1.50 – $2.00 per car

DIST BY – Wedding Planner at end of evening


WHO – Wedding Planner

HOW MUCH – this depends on the “package” that you hired them for.  If you have worked with your wedding planner for the majority of your wedding and the majority of your vendors, then we suggest 10 – 15% of your package price.  IF you have hired them for a Little Bit of Help, then a flat rate that you feel comfortable with.

DIST BY – Someone special that you designate



* Have all Tips in seperate envelopes that are clearly marked with which vendor they go to.

* Have ONE person responsible for distributing all of your tips…. (i.e. wedding planner, maid of honor, someone that needs a “job” for your wedding because you can’t leave them out, etc.)

* Have all Tips and Envelopes ready at least THREE DAYS before your wedding … we recommend a minimum of three days because this is when your out of town guest start to arrive – you start “stressing” over every little detail (unless you have a planner!) – you are putting your final touches on any projects that you are doing yourself – you have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner – and we want you to be as prepared as possible so you don’t stress over the small stuff…

Side note – these are just recommendations that Jacki and I would make to our bride – please feel free to use this information as you please.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic…. please feel free to leave your comments.

celebrate your love …



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