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Welcome Sara Lain … November 23, 2009

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Jacki and I have been SUPER BUSY these past few months … and we are so excited to share with you some of our “behind the scenes” and new endeavors REAL SOON!

BUT, until we can do any unveiling, we have more i’s to dot and t’s to cross

SO, we would like to introduce you to Sara Lain Trible, who will be a contributing writer on the blog.  Now, I will still be blogging here and there, but so you don’t get bored, we thought it would be nice to add a contributing writer.

Sara Lain has been with Kentucky Bride since January 2009 – and we just LOVE her … she is fabulous – as you will see in the coming weeks.  Sara Lain has been a great asset to Kentucky Bride and to helping the brides of jacki, wedding planning

Her first post will be up by the end of the day … so stay tuned …

celebrating Sara Lain …


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