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Winter Weddings Warm Our Heart … November 23, 2009

It’s cold outside, warm in the office, we have a pine tree candle lit and we are in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!  Christmas is less than 6 WEEKS away … can you believe it?!?!  Where has the year gone?  Time flies when you’re having fun … I guess that’s why this year has been a whirlwind!

Today in the office we have taken a poll and its time to start christmas shopping (yay!!!) since none of the ladies at Kentucky Bride has started! As we are getting in the Christmas spirit, others are ready for their Winter Wedding and we will not leave you out in the cold…(haha!)
Here are some of our favorite Winter Wedding Ideas…

*Using the color WINTER WHITE

*Hot Chocolate

*Faux fur wraps

*Mistletoe (how cute is that?)

*Christmas Trees

*Pictures in the snow (1. It must snow 2. You must be brave enough to go out in the snow. 3. Photos with snow are breathtakingly beautiful)

* Having pashminas for guest (or for Bridesmaid gifts)

* A WARM  honeymoon destination

Winter Weddings are beautiful! If you plan to get married this winter or dream of having a winter wedding, please tell us your ideas … we would love to hear them!

celebrating winter weddings …

sara lain for


2 Responses to “Winter Weddings Warm Our Heart …”

  1. Ian Says:

    Winter engagement pictures are also really cool. Just sayin’.

  2. Maggie Says:

    Thanks for the ideas! Mine is going to be a Christmas-time wedding, so I’m definitely looking for interesting things to do. I can only hope it snows. I’m also considering a faux-fur lines cape with a hood, though I haven’t figured out when I’m supposed to take it off and put it on. I also saw an adorable engagement picture of a couple in Santa hats making a heart out of candy canes.

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