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Etsy … it has everything! December 4, 2009

Have you been to etsy.com?  We, at jacki allen’s kentucky bride, think that etsy is GREAT!  They have their own wedding category that has over 2,000 pages of homemade or vintage wedding accessories … invitations, garters, gifts for the couple, gifts for the wedding party and much more!  While looking at etsy, I have found some things that I must show you! After looking at this, you will want to go check it out yourself (www.etsy.com/category/weddings)

BOY and GIRL Sweet Hearts Vintage moments children RETRO Young precious Love cards anderson favors little kim child propose flowers HAPPY kids Fun Nostalgic colorful unusual mary janes Old fashioned fashion blue red green story UNIQUE WEDDING INVITATIONS

Do these not make you think of your childhood and that first love?  These are perfect invitations for those high school sweethearts!

Wedding Charm Pillow

Ahh, how sweet! Each bridesmaid can choose a charm to add on the monogrammed pillow!  What a great way to suprise the bride!

                                              Medium Natural Wood Wedding Guest Book/Memory Plaque, Wedding Gift

This is part of a tree trunk with the bride and groom’s initals carved into the wood … guest can sign it to use as your guest book.  This would be a treasured piece that you hang in your house … so cool!

This is only a few of the many unique things that etsy has.  What have you found on the website?  Please share! What you found may the perfect thing for someone else!

celebrating etsy …


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