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Kentucky Wedding’s ABC’s … December 7, 2009

So many blogs have the “ABC’s of weddings”.  Well, we are doing the “ABC’s of a KENTUCKY wedding” because we love the bluegrass and there is so many ways to incorporate the state into your wedding.  Let’s get started….

A…  Ale-8-One. Have the soft drink that is made in Winchester, Kentucky as an option for your guest. 

B…  Bourbon. Enough said.

C…  Call to Post. Hire the official bugler from Churchill Downs or Keeneland to come and kick the evening off.

D…  Details. Southerners notice things. Have details and you will surely be the talk of town.

E…  Eyes. All eyes are on you because it’s your day to shine!  Seize the moment.

F…  Friends and Family. Enjoy the time with friends and family. Let them know you appreciate their presence.

G…  Goldenrod. Throw the state flower in your bouquets or centerpieces.

H…  Horses. Take a picture by them, make your grand entrance on one, whatever it is … nothing says  
                       “Kentucky Wedding” like a bride and a horse in a photo.

I…  “I Do.” Say it loud and proud. Let Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and Mississippi hear you!

J…  Julep Cups.  These are great to serve a cocktail in or to use as centerpieces for cocktail tables.  They instantly make you think of the mint julep … maybe that could be your signature drink?!

K…  Kentucky’s Beauty.  Take advantage of the rolling hills and scenery that Kentucky offers.

L…  Luck. Give your guests a horseshoe to wish them luck.  Make sure you attach the old tale of how a horseshoe brings luck.

M…  Mason Jars. Use them as centerpieces or glasses and it screams “southern.”

N…  Never forgot your southern hospitality. Greet guest to your wedding with a welcome bag and fill it with things they will use over the weekend.

O… Old Kentucky Chocolate. Offer guest a taste of Kentucky with these local sweets.

P…  Passed hors d’oeuvres.  Have mini hot browns or bite size country ham and biscuits!

Q…  Quiet Time.  Make time with you and your future hubby during the week of the wedding to just relax and TRY to not talk about wedding plans.

R…  Remember something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

S…  Sweet Tea. Offer your guests a refreshing glass of sweet tea especially if the wedding is outside and hot.

T…  Thank you notes.  Southerners believe in hand-written thank you notes. It’s very personal!

U… UK/UL Football and Basketball.  Plan your events around these games, especially if they are playing each other.

V… Venue- Check out Kentucky Bride Magazine in January for unique wedding venues around the state.

W…  Weather- Look at a Farmer’s Almanac for weather forecast. We believe in it!!!

Y…  Your “old stomping grounds” may be the perfect place for your wedding.

Z…  zzzzzzzz. Get plenty of sleep and rest up for the big day! enjoy!

And one more,

L…  Let us hear your ways to include the bluegrass in a wedding.

celebrating Kentucky Weddings …

sara lain for


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