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Napkin Folds Video … December 10, 2009

Napkins … now most people will think – what’s the big deal?  Well, if you’ve ever seen photos of a beautiful event – an event that you know took thousands of dollars to put together – and everything’s in place … gorgeous linens, lush flowers, lots of votives to give that perfect candlelit glow, they paid extra for the chivari chairs, and more … then you see it … the dreaded triangle, tipi napkin fold that is in every restaurant across the nation.  What does this really say about the reception? 

So, to stop the triangle madness … we have created a short “film” on three napkin folds that are easy to do and will bring that special touch to your event. 

Before watching this video, I would like to give a small disclaimer:

* this is our first attempt to make a “how to” video – or any video for that matter – so please be kind …

* the camera really DOES add 10 pounds  {uh oh – gym here i come}

So, without further ado …



We hope that this was useful for you or someone you may know.  We would love to see or hear about Napkin folds that you like or you have done.  {we love photos, so please send to jaime@jackiallen.com}

celebrating new napkin styles …


4 Responses to “Napkin Folds Video …”

  1. Sara Lain Says:

    I love this!!! Can’t wait to make another video!!

  2. aimeegriffith Says:

    OMG!! I LOVE it! Girls, this is awesome!

  3. […] enjoying the Jacki and Jaimeson blog. We are especially huge fans of your videos in particular the napkin folding one! What a great […]

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