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New Logos … December 11, 2009

We are so EXCITED to show off our new logos …

As with any company, we are always trying to BRAND ourselves, but stay current with trends while maintaining our timeless feel.

We will always have our “jacki green” as it’s been come to be known as {in fact, in our new offices, there is one wall in each room that is our “jacki green” … it is quite stunning when you see it in person}.  We also have kept our “jacki font” … BUT what we’ve updated is that we are now “jacki and jaimeson, wedding and event planners”.  You will also see a change in the Kentucky Bride Bridal Show logo – to become more streamlined with our Kentucky Bride Magazine logo.

First up – our black & white logo …




Next up – our lovely “jacki green” logos …





 Since we updated our logos, we’ve also updated all of our stationary … which we’re pretty happy with!  You will be seeing our new business cards, letterhead and thank you notes starting today … so look for the GREEN.

celebrating new logos …


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