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MERRY CHRISTMAS … December 24, 2009

We {jacki, jaimeson, julie, sara lain, buffy and susan} would like to wish each and every one of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We wish our newlyweds a wonderful year of Firsts … {first christmas tree, first family ornament, first christmas morning  and much, much more}

We wish our married couples a continued love and support not only for each other but for their whole family …

We wish all the wedding professionals a time to be with their loved ones and stop to smell the eggnog … {as they are so busy most of the year}

Jacki and I have the honor to work with such great ladies day in and day out, that we wanted to treat them to something special.  With 2009 came lots of change and growth for our company, so everyone that is with us, has come on board since last Christmas – so we wanted to treat them to our tradition.  There is a little place in Nonesuch, KY that you may have heard of called Irish Acres – a fabulous antique store that resides in an old schoolhouse.  Well, in the basement is an amazing restaurant called The Glitz.  Jacki and I have been going ourselves for over 10 years, but have been taking our staff and interns there for three years, and we just can’t get enough … it’s become our tradition.

Below is a picture of us in the “black and silver” dining room {they have three different rooms with three different looks – each very fabulous on their own} …

left to right … susan, julie, jacki, jaimeson, sara lain, buffy


celebrating Christmas and all of its meaning …


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