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Lovely Wooden Tables … January 28, 2010

You’ve seen them in national bridal magazines, you’ve dreamt of them for you wedding … NOW, you can HAVE THEM!!!

As mentioned in this POST, with the lovely wooden table below, I said I would tell you how you could have these fabulous wooden tables for YOUR WEDDING …

wooden table available for rent from jacki and jaimeson


Here are a few photos of the lovely wooden table by itself so that you can see all the details …

wood family style table available for rent from jacki and jaimeson

wood family style table available for rent from jacki and jaimeson

wood family style table available for rent from jacki and jaimeson

{don’t you just LOVE the details and knots in the tables – very rustic}


Here’s a little HISTORY on how these lovely wooden tables came to be …

In doing a design layout for one of our brides who really wanted a southern, rustic, family oriented, intimate, simply stunning, and of course some elements that haven’t been done in Kentucky yet.  So, with that long list of descriptive words and some “tear sheets” of photos that she liked, Jacki and I got to work.  We were SO excited for this layout and the possibilities that we knew we weren’t going to be able to “rent” most of the items for the wedding and that we would need to find someone to “build” what we needed.

And that’s where it all began …

In doing our design, and keeping her descriptive words in the forefront, we knew that we wanted to have WOOD FAMILY STYLE TABLES!  So, in our search for these tables, we quickly came to the realization that – 1) there were none in Kentucky or the surrounding states that were available for rent – 2) The budget wouldn’t allow for purchasing brand new dining room tables that we envisioned – 3) The bride would have no use or place for all these tables after the wedding.


We didn’t need to find the tables, we needed to find a woodwooker that could build us the tables to our specs and needs, could build them affordably, and was also talented enough to make us other lovely wood items that we were dreaming of!  So, after a little digging and price quoting, we found him … our MR. CAN-DO!!!  And as you can see from the above pictures … Mr. Can-Do is very talented.


Here’s the information you need to know …

* The tables are available for RENT

* The tables are 7 ft long and 3 ft deep   {plenty of room for 8 or 10 guests to each table}

* The tables are stained a dark cherry

* Each table is unique in it’s dents and knots – to give it a true lived in feel


If interested in renting these lovely wooden tables for your wedding or special event, please contact our office at 859.271.1499 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

SO …. what do you think?  We would love to hear your thoughts!  We have had MR. CAN-DO make a few other lovely wooden items that we will post about later, but have had some buzz about the tables, so we wanted to get the information out there.

celebrating lovely wooden tables …


6 Responses to “Lovely Wooden Tables …”

  1. Mackenzie Says:

    Wow! Beautiful! How many do you have and what do they rent for? I’m loving them. And the benches too!! Thanks!

  2. melanie mauer Says:

    love these tables! warmly, -melanie-

  3. Beautiful decor for a wedding. Leave it to Jacki to come up with this idea.

  4. […] discussed our Lovely Wooden Tables HERE {just in case you want to take a second […]

  5. Olivia Says:

    Hello do you still have the table available for rent? How many do you have? Thank you!

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