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It’s So Pretty … February 4, 2010


When you are a bride, you receive lovely presents from the time you become engaged until the day of your wedding! The time is truly about YOU and your GROOM!! Although, you must not forget the sweet little “thank you” gifts along the way.  

Favors are needed at the bachelorette party, bridal brunch, bridal shower, welcome baskets and on the big day! The It’s So Pretty Shop – by Kate Aspen has some precious favors that are the perfect “Thank You” for your guest of any occasion!

Below are some of our favorite favors … Click Here to go to the home page of It’s So Pretty and see more favors!

From the favors above…

1. Lemonade Mix-This could be used in SO many ways…at a bridal brunch-a package could be at each ladies place setting, in a welcome basket, for the lovely ladies hosting the bridal shower, at a bachelorette party (add a party size vodka and you can have a lemon drop martini in no time!), or as a favor at an outdoor reception. The lemonade could be used in so many ways … let us know how you use it!!

2. Personalized Flip Flops – the PERFECT bridesmaid gift.  Sure, you want your ladies to wear nice heels and look their best at all times of the day, but, when their feet start hurting….it’s going to be hard to put a smile on their face! The bridesmaid could slip on these flip-flops for the dance party at your reception! After the wedding festivities, the bridesmaid would instantly reminisce on all of your wedding day memories each time she wore them!

3. Flower Bottle Stopper – again, this is a versatile favor that you could be used endlessly. How about give the flower bottle stopper to the bridesmaids? the ladies that attend the bridal brunch? Don’t forget to keep one for yourself!

4. Personalized Travel Candles-How cute are these in a welcome basket? They are easily personalized, so put the couple’s name on them and add to the welcome basket! These are perfect for all the out-of-town guest!!

celebrate your guests …


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