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Lovely Canvas … February 5, 2010

Let me set the scene …

* New Offices {we moved to our current location in May}

* New Paint {we painted everything – and our signature green is on one wall in every room – very fun}

* NEED – new photos

This is where Josh Perkins with RedTree Photography comes into the “picture”!!!

Josh, the gentleman that he is, offers to do three canvases for our new space with our choice of photos.  How thoughtful and generous!

We’ve worked on some AMAZING weddings where RedTree Photography was involved so we knew the two weddings that we wanted to focus on.  From there – it took us a while – as there were so many beautiful photos.

We narrowed it down to the three below … {two of them are on our green walls}







If you would like to see more of Josh’s work, then you can go HERE, HERE and HERE {click on gallery}!

celebrating and THANKING RedTree Photography


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