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EXTRA – EXTRA – Read all about it … February 10, 2010

We are BLUSHING {rosy red cheeks}!!!

Our Kentucky Bride magazine is selling like HOTCAKES!!!


They are flying off the shelves at Joseph-Beth – Barnes & Noble – Walmart – Target and more.

We are also seeing our number of Kentucky Bride magazines being sold online continue to rise.  Not only are we selling more magazines online, but the readers we are reaching continues to grow.  So far for the Winter 2010 issue, we have shipped magazines to Chicago, IL – Aurora, CO – Rocky River, OH – Brea, CA and our furthest location … IRELAND!!!

What do we do with all of this Excitement?  We share it … of course!

So, for ALL magazine ONLINE sales during the month of February {and yes, we will start with Feb. 1 – Feb. 28}, we will DONATE ALL PROCEEDS to the Melanoma Awareness Project developed by Jacki and Jaimeson AND Central Baptist Hospital!!!  Jacki’s personal story of her battle with Melanoma is in this Winter 2010 issue. {We will let you know in March how much was donated} 

Haven’t gotten your copy yet?  Simply click HERE

You do have your copy, but would like to send a copy to your Mother, future Mother in Law, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids … or even your sweet flowergirl who is dreaming of “her” big day right now {you know how kids love getting mail with their name on it}!  Simply click HERE

Again, THANK YOU so much for supporting Kentucky Bride magazine {and now} for also supporting the Melanoma Awareness Project.

celebrating you …


2 Responses to “EXTRA – EXTRA – Read all about it …”

  1. […] from February ONLINE magazine sales to the Melanoma Awareness Program.  see original post HERE […]

  2. […] Kentucky Bride Magazine, jacki and jaimeson — jackiandjaimeson @ 3:00 pm Remember back in February when I mentioned that Jacki and I would be donating all of the ONLINE Kentucky Bride Magazine sales […]

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