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Celebrating Kentucky Natives … February 23, 2010

If there is one thing we love to incorporate into a wedding ………… it’s Kentucky!!!

No matter the product, tradition, venue or favor, we think honoring Kentucky in your wedding is fabulous!  We have just stumbled upon a Kentucky native that would be a great person to honor … Duncan Hines

Yes, the same Duncan Hines that has brought us brownie mix, cookie mix, muffin mix and frostings to go with it all! I love Mr. Hines … {my hips don’t} … but I do!

Duncan Hines origanlly started in Bowling Green, Kentucky before branching out to Procter and Gamble!

So the question is … How can I honor Duncan Hines at my wedding?!  This is so easy … have milk and brownie shooters. Ask your caterer to make bite-sized Duncan Hines brownies and serve them in shot glasses full of milk.


This is great for the after party OR for a subistute for cake  OR a midnight snack OR any occassion that you want them for!

Let us know your ideas and send in your pretty pics …

celebrating Duncan Hines …

sara lain for


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