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Kentucky Bride Magazine featured on Lucky Me … March 30, 2010

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YEAH!!! {as we’re smiling from ear to ear}

The Winter issue of Kentucky Bride  magazine is being featured on the Lucky Me blog …



We are so honored … {still smiling}

*** Just a side note … the Spring Issue of Kentucky Bride will hit newstands mid-April, so make sure that you pick up the current issue ONLINE or a newstand near you {and if your local store has SOLD OUT, please call us if you are in Lexington and you can pick up your copy from our office} ***

celebrating Lucky Me


Reagan and Michael’s Wedding Film … March 26, 2010

Portal Films … enough said!    Andy Jackson with Portal Films is simply AMAZING!   {let me set the scene real quick}

Regan and Michael’s wedding was simply stunning and we enjoyed so much working with the two love birds for the whole 14 months.  Their October 3, 2009 wedding was held at the quaint Shaker Village {a truly gorgeous backdrop}.  Regan and Michael currently live in Pittsburgh, PA and 85% of their guests were from out of state, so they wanted to show everyone true Southern Hospitality – which I think they achieved ten times over.

{pretty pictures and special details to come in a post soon}

Regan and Michael truly embraced this time in their lives and wanted to capture their feelings, style, and emotions on film so that they could cherish and remember for a lifetime.  They were able to achieve this with Portal Films

Below is a short four minute film that Andy was kind enough to put together so that we could share with the you.  So, please grab a tissue, turn on your volume and embrace what you are about to see and feel from this simply amazing film …


Regan and Michael's Wedding - Shaker Village, KY - Highlight Video


{dabbing my tears} … simply amazing, right?    Thank you Portal Films!

celebrating weddings that embrace film …


KBM Sales goes to help Melanoma … March 17, 2010

Remember back in February when I mentioned that Jacki and I would be donating all of the ONLINE Kentucky Bride Magazine sales to the Melanoma Awareness Program that is being housed with the wonderful Central Baptist Foundation? 

First, THANK YOU for all of your ONLINE orders!

Second, we have made the donation and it was in the amount of  … drumroll please … $1,000.00!!! 

Just to clarify – we DID NOT sell this amount from the ONLINE sales, but Jacki and I are so passionate about this organization and Melanoma Awareness that we decided to give a little more.

If you are interested in hearing Jacki’s personal story and/or would like to help with the Melanoma Awareness Program, we have some opportunities coming up …

*** We are so grateful to Lori Hagan of The Melting Pot who will be hosting TWO events with all the proceeds going to the Melanoma Awareness Program.  PLEASE Mark Your Calendars for Sunday, April 11th and Monday, April 12th to come out, have some fabulous fondue, enjoy wonderful company and support a fabulous cause.

*** We will be planning lots of little events here and there … please email me at jaime@jackiallen.com if you would like to be included on our email list.

celebrating donations …


Wedding Wire …

Jacki and I are so EXCITED to share with you that we were featured on Wedding Wire‘s BLOG … YEAH!

Their Daily Blog chose to showcase our photos for their Wedding Inspiration Board for Vintage and Country … we are blushing!

Visit our Feature HERE!!!

If you haven’t heard of or been to Wedding Wire, then I recommend that you take 15 minutes, get a cup of sweet tea and sit back to browse their lovely site … for wedding professionals and brides alike.   You can visit the Jacki and Jaimeson profile HERE.

So, what do you  think?

celebrating our vintage inspired weddings …


For our “FAVOR”ites … March 12, 2010

You are our “FAVOR”ite blog followers and we want to reward you for following!  Yes, we appericate it so much!  it’s so pretty!  has our “FAVOR”ite favors … and we want you to show our appreciation by giving you 10% off!!!

If you start looking and need our advice … we would love to help you!  Below are some of our “FAVOR”ite it’s so pretty!  favors!

To get the discount … go to it’s so pretty!  and as you check out enter this code: 3653TEN

Enjoy the discount!!!      {I hope we didn’t say “favorite” too much for you … haha}

Celebrating favors for our “favor”ites …


Cheers to Kentucky …

By now, you know that we love to incorporate Kentucky into our weddings!  It is one of our favorite parts of planning!  Sometimes it is the unique “home” touch that makes a wedding feel really personable.  Incorporating Kentucky could be as simple or as lavish as you wish, and in all honesty we suggest both, depending on the couples style, personality, etc!  To make it really simple, you could offer THE Kentucky tradition … bourbon!


Do you know how many Bourbon Distilleries there are in Kentucky?  Well, I didn’t either … but there are SIX!  And within those six Distilleries, they produce over 50 different Bourbon labels … yes … I said over 50 different types of Bourbon!!!  Makers Mark, Jim Beam, Four Roses, Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek … just to name a few. 

So, exactly how can you use Kentucky bourbon in your wedding … here are some ideas off the top of our heads:

1.  Serve Kentucky bourbon at the reception!

2.  Bourbon balls {made with one of the listed above} as favors for the guest!  A great source for these is Old Kentucky Chocolates … tell them Jacki sent you!

3.  Welcome your guest to the Bluegrass in true Southern Hospitality style by including mini bottles of bourbon in their welcome basket!

4.  “A Shot to the Bluegreass” – have 1 special shot passed around of a Kentucky bourbon during your Toasts!

5.  The day before the wedding, host a lunch at a distillery for out-of-town guest.  This will allow all guests to feel welcomed into the Bluegrass and be able to enjoy one of the special touches that makes Kentucky so unique and beautiful! 

To learn more about Kentucky Bourbon … the history, the distilleries, The Bourbon Trail and so much more, please visit www.kybourbontrail.com – you will be glad you did.

If you are planning on including this Kentucky tradition into your wedding, please share … we love to hear all the wonderful ideas.

celebrating bourbon …


Another Bachelor Wedding… March 8, 2010

Out of all the ladies at Kentucky Bride, Jacki and I (Sara Lain) are the only two that watch the Bachelor! Every Tuesday morning we recap what happened and what we think is coming up! Tuesday’s could be my favorite day because of this! If you do not watch this show…it is ok…keep reading because this post is about weddings…which is our favorite topic!

The last bachelor, Jason, picked Molly (after originally picking Melissa-I have forgiven him!) and they are happily in love! In fact, they are getting married on MARCH 8th (tonight) and this will be a 2 hour episode of the before, during and after of the ceremony!

Above are some pictures of the beautiful ceremony of Trista and Ryan’s wedding…

We are counting down the days until Jason and Molly get married. We are sure it will be just as beautiful!

Celebrating love…

sara lain for