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Another Bachelor Wedding… March 8, 2010

Out of all the ladies at Kentucky Bride, Jacki and I (Sara Lain) are the only two that watch the Bachelor! Every Tuesday morning we recap what happened and what we think is coming up! Tuesday’s could be my favorite day because of this! If you do not watch this show…it is ok…keep reading because this post is about weddings…which is our favorite topic!

The last bachelor, Jason, picked Molly (after originally picking Melissa-I have forgiven him!) and they are happily in love! In fact, they are getting married on MARCH 8th (tonight) and this will be a 2 hour episode of the before, during and after of the ceremony!

Above are some pictures of the beautiful ceremony of Trista and Ryan’s wedding…

We are counting down the days until Jason and Molly get married. We are sure it will be just as beautiful!

Celebrating love…

sara lain for


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