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KBM Sales goes to help Melanoma … March 17, 2010

Remember back in February when I mentioned that Jacki and I would be donating all of the ONLINE Kentucky Bride Magazine sales to the Melanoma Awareness Program that is being housed with the wonderful Central Baptist Foundation? 

First, THANK YOU for all of your ONLINE orders!

Second, we have made the donation and it was in the amount of  … drumroll please … $1,000.00!!! 

Just to clarify – we DID NOT sell this amount from the ONLINE sales, but Jacki and I are so passionate about this organization and Melanoma Awareness that we decided to give a little more.

If you are interested in hearing Jacki’s personal story and/or would like to help with the Melanoma Awareness Program, we have some opportunities coming up …

*** We are so grateful to Lori Hagan of The Melting Pot who will be hosting TWO events with all the proceeds going to the Melanoma Awareness Program.  PLEASE Mark Your Calendars for Sunday, April 11th and Monday, April 12th to come out, have some fabulous fondue, enjoy wonderful company and support a fabulous cause.

*** We will be planning lots of little events here and there … please email me at jaime@jackiallen.com if you would like to be included on our email list.

celebrating donations …


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