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Zappos.com in Kentucky … April 14, 2010

Celebrating and Showcasing another wonderful Kentucky based Company that you can incorporate into your wedding …

With a warehouse nestled into Shepherdsville, KY, we bring to you the (Kentucky) Zappos!  Zappos.com has thousands of shoes … and of course, our favorite category is WEDDING SHOES!  Sometimes pictures can do more justice than words … take a look at some our favorite wedding shoes!

{Jaimeson’s favorites are the second from the bottom … oh how I love the side flower}

These lovely whites are just but a “small” amount of what Zappos.com has to offer … there are some fabulous red, pink, blue {for your something …} and many more colors to add just the perfect splash of color.

celebrating KENTUCKY Wedding shoes …


Cheers to Kentucky … March 12, 2010

By now, you know that we love to incorporate Kentucky into our weddings!  It is one of our favorite parts of planning!  Sometimes it is the unique “home” touch that makes a wedding feel really personable.  Incorporating Kentucky could be as simple or as lavish as you wish, and in all honesty we suggest both, depending on the couples style, personality, etc!  To make it really simple, you could offer THE Kentucky tradition … bourbon!


Do you know how many Bourbon Distilleries there are in Kentucky?  Well, I didn’t either … but there are SIX!  And within those six Distilleries, they produce over 50 different Bourbon labels … yes … I said over 50 different types of Bourbon!!!  Makers Mark, Jim Beam, Four Roses, Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek … just to name a few. 

So, exactly how can you use Kentucky bourbon in your wedding … here are some ideas off the top of our heads:

1.  Serve Kentucky bourbon at the reception!

2.  Bourbon balls {made with one of the listed above} as favors for the guest!  A great source for these is Old Kentucky Chocolates … tell them Jacki sent you!

3.  Welcome your guest to the Bluegrass in true Southern Hospitality style by including mini bottles of bourbon in their welcome basket!

4.  “A Shot to the Bluegreass” – have 1 special shot passed around of a Kentucky bourbon during your Toasts!

5.  The day before the wedding, host a lunch at a distillery for out-of-town guest.  This will allow all guests to feel welcomed into the Bluegrass and be able to enjoy one of the special touches that makes Kentucky so unique and beautiful! 

To learn more about Kentucky Bourbon … the history, the distilleries, The Bourbon Trail and so much more, please visit www.kybourbontrail.com – you will be glad you did.

If you are planning on including this Kentucky tradition into your wedding, please share … we love to hear all the wonderful ideas.

celebrating bourbon …


Celebrating Kentucky Natives … February 23, 2010

If there is one thing we love to incorporate into a wedding ………… it’s Kentucky!!!

No matter the product, tradition, venue or favor, we think honoring Kentucky in your wedding is fabulous!  We have just stumbled upon a Kentucky native that would be a great person to honor … Duncan Hines

Yes, the same Duncan Hines that has brought us brownie mix, cookie mix, muffin mix and frostings to go with it all! I love Mr. Hines … {my hips don’t} … but I do!

Duncan Hines origanlly started in Bowling Green, Kentucky before branching out to Procter and Gamble!

So the question is … How can I honor Duncan Hines at my wedding?!  This is so easy … have milk and brownie shooters. Ask your caterer to make bite-sized Duncan Hines brownies and serve them in shot glasses full of milk.


This is great for the after party OR for a subistute for cake  OR a midnight snack OR any occassion that you want them for!

Let us know your ideas and send in your pretty pics …

celebrating Duncan Hines …

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