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Taboo Topics … Week Five February 27, 2009

We are moving right along with the Taboo Topics … this week is He Says/She Says Communication! Just because the topic is “he says/she says” – that doesn’t mean you get to answer or “assume” how your fiance’ would answer the following questions…. you need to talk to your fiance’ and try to understand the way he/she communicates…this could be interesting!

He Says/She Says Communication

1. When your partner is unhappy, how do they show or tell you?

2. How will you resolve a disagreement?

3. What is your fiance’s style of communicating?

4. How do each of you handle your anger?

5. If you get really bogged down, who do you go to for help?

6. Do you communicate everyday, even when you have a disagreement?

7. Do you feel emotionally connected and committed to your partner?

8. Do you and your partner handle stress the same way?

9. How will you show your support to each other in difficult times?

Communication (open and honestly, of course) is a very important part of marriage…talk to your fiance’ and learn more about them.

To read the full article, please pick up your copy of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine online – at Joseph-Beth – at Barnes & Noble – at Wedding Wonderland – at Bluegrass Bride and many other fabulous wedding professionals throughout central Kentucky.

please leave your comments as we’d love to hear what “he or she said” or feel free to email us anytime to jaime@jackiallen.com with Taboo Topics as the subject

celebrate your love…..



The Kissing Tree February 24, 2009

While catching up on my daily reading of fabulous blogs…. I came across this fun “kissing tree” from Elizabeth Messina’s new blog…. Kiss the Groom.

Not only will you see some of Elizabeth’s FABULOUS photography…. you get to read all about “kisses” – my fave.

Obviously, being in the wedding business, I am a natural romantic, so this new blog has my toes curling, butterflies in my stomach and cheeks rosey in anticipation of reading all about “first kisses” – “kiss and tell” – “little kisses”…… love it!

below is my KISSING TREE – how sweet!


so, please visit The Kissing Tree to get your own! 

since we are such the romantics…. please leave us your “first kiss” story – we’d love to hear them…. i’ll start with mine:

“Heath and I met on a blind date (yes, it’s true – sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself) and instantly hit it off!  We both loved family, college football and good food….. we had plenty to talk about on that first lunch date.  The next week, we went to the UK – Arkansas football game that had 9 (yes, NINE) overtimes….. from that game on, I knew there was something special between us… but I was scared!  This was too much emotion, too quick.  We were together constantly for the next three weeks (yes, four weeks of dating with no kissing… but remember, i was scared) THEN, one night in my townhouse, it happened…. our first kiss!  And let me tell you – it was AMAZING…. my left leg literally lifted (just like in the movies)… I couldn’t have written the script any better myself!  After our first kiss, we were in LOVE and I had no chance…. the sparks flew and haven’t burned out yet!” …..jaimeson


celebrate your love….



2009 Oscar’s Gala February 23, 2009

Jacki and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to support our local community…. we do this in many ways, here are a few:

* Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine only used local photographers for all filler photos (no stock photos here – everything in the magazine is from Kentucky!)

* Jaimeson is co-chair for the Angel Ball, which raises awareness and money for Hospice of the Blugrass, Jessamine County and the RJ Corman Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard University

* Jacki and Jaimeson also contribute, donate time and money, for numerous non-profits that we are honored to be a part of.

And, this past Saturday night was no exception….

The 9th Annual Oscar’s Gala Fundraiser benefiting UK Markey Cancer Foundation New Hope Haiti Mission and Kentucky Law Enforcement Memorial Fund was held in the Malone’s Banquets, part of the Bluegrass Hospitality Group.

For this fabulous evening, we purchased tickets, donated silent auction items and bid on items as well to support these wonderful organizations.  I have a few pictures below from the evening…..

This is Jaimeson with her hubby, Heath, in front of the Oscar ice sculpture….


here’s a close up… (isn’t he handsome?)


below is the fabulous four…. (from l-r: Anna Johnson (Bluegrass Bride)Ana Crane-Simpson (Applied Cosmetic Services)Jaimeson Gann (jacki, event & wedding planner)Susan Johnson (Bluegrass Bride)


and finally, just a pic of Susan, Heath and myself enjoying the evening…..


I hope you enjoyed the pics and that you will feel inspired to donate to one of these worthy causes or one that is dear to your heart. 

celebrate your life….



Kentucky Bride Bridal Show…. pics February 21, 2009

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS weekend….

I just came across our photos from the January 2009 Kentucky Bride Bridal Show…. and realized that I haven’t posted any of them.   So, here are a few…..






Hope you enjoyed the pics….

Please don’t forget our next Kentucky Bride Bridal Show is Sunday, July 12th… mark your calendars!

celebrate your love…



Taboo Topics … week four February 20, 2009

Okay ladies (and gents)…. last week was all about the FAMILY…..

this week, it’s all about …. dare I say it …. SEX! (gasp!)

Now, while of some of you might be having your cheeks turn red and others can’t wait to read this section…. let me put in a small disclaimer: “We have only put a few questions down, as this is an intimate and personal discussion between you and your fiance’…. we are just giving a starting point.  AND – we are not saying that you are currently being intimate, but you will be intimate in marriage.”

Now that that’s out of the way…. let’s get to it!!!!!


1. Who would your fiance’ say is more romantic between the two of you?

2. If there comes a day when there isn’t enough of it (we know, it probably won’t happen to you, but just in case), how will you deal with it?

3. What if sex becomes boring? How will you talk about it? What can you do to keep your sex life spicy?

4. How do each of you feel about birth control?

5. How do you classify cheating?

6. What is one of your fantasies?

Again, this is just a starting point…..  to read the full article please visit…. jacki allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine online  OR you can purchase your copy from Joseph-Beth, Barnes & Noles, Bluegrass Bride, Wedding Wonderland, and many more….

please leave your comments or feel free to email us anytime to jaime@jackiallen.com with Taboo Topics as the subject

celebrate your love…..



Wedding Day Insurance February 19, 2009

One of the most important pieces of advice we give our wedding couples is to purchase “wedding day insurance”!  Thankfully, out of our weddings, events and bridal shows that we produce, we have NEVER had to use the insurance….. BUT we always have it…. just in case!

Let’s be honest…. how many of you are concerned that a wedding professional that you have signed a contract with and given a deposit to…. may not show up?  may go out of business before your wedding date? have an outside wedding planned and not sure if it is going to rain? wedding dress is wrong? and so many other “disasters” that could arise.  With wedding day insurance {and a fabulous planner} you are sure to sleep soundly.


Wedding Protector Plan from Travelers Insurance is caterering to you and your unique wedding!  This website is full of knowledge, free quotes, articles for now and when your newly married life…. and so much more.

Here are some of the FAQ’s from Wedding Protector Plan:

Q: Basically, what does the Wedding Protector PlanSM cover?
A: The plan can reimburse you if an important item related to your wedding (for example, your ring) is lost or damaged before you get married. The plan can reimburse you in case you lose your deposit if a vendor (for example, your florist) goes out of business before your wedding. You also can receive funds if events beyond your control cause you to postpone your wedding.
You may add coverage to protect you in case someone at your wedding is injured or causes damage to property of others. Of course, certain terms and conditions apply to these coverages, which you will want to review before you purchase your Wedding Protector PlanSM.

Q: My fiancé is in the military? What if he/she is called up right before the wedding?
A: If circumstances beyond your control (for example, an unforeseen deployment) cause you to postpone your wedding, we can provide reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.

Q: Do I have to buy liability insurance?
A: You are not required to elect liability coverage as part of your Wedding Protector PlanSM. However, you may wish to contact the locations where you will hold your ceremony and reception, as they may require you to show proof of liability insurance.

Q: Basically, what does liability insurance cover?
A: Liability insurance can protect you from liability for property damage/personal injuries to third parties at the location of your ceremony and reception. You also have the option to include liquor liability coverage, which protects you and your immediate family from alcohol-related accidents caused by a guest of your wedding.

We STRONGLY reccommend every wedding couple to purchase wedding day insurance…. the pros definately outweight the cons – so please look into this for your wedding day!

celebrate your love…. (while being covered)



GetMarried.com…. Vendor Spotlight February 18, 2009


For those of you that don’t know…. GetMarried.com is taking the wedding industry by storm (and we are pleased to be a part of that)!

Getmarried.com is a national TV show, airing every weekday morning at 7:30am on Lifetime Television …  AND  … getmarried.com is a website with a vast range of information, ideas, Colin Cowie tips, etc…. They have local resources, real weddings, national trends, and so much more.

Here is their ad from Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine, Spring 2009 Issue (page 26) and some Colin Cowie Tips, just for Kentucky Bride (page 36)!

Please watch, DVR, visit the website…. but I would suggest that if you are a Bride to Be, then you should definitely check out this site…..

happy planning….